Faith Lutheran Crusaders show their excellent performance during the season


Photo courtesy of Vernon Fox

The Faith varsity football team is very excited as they win their game. The players put all their hard work and practice into this game and the season.

Jackson Moran, Editor

Despite the heart breaking playoff loss, the varsity high school football team worked hard all season to earn the number one seed and get into the playoffs. Since the beginning of the season, the team’s goal was to win all their games and make it to the state championship. All their hard work lead to a perfect regular season and made going to the state championship a possibility.

Keagan Touchstone is the only freshman who played on varsity this year. It is very rare that nineth graders play on varsity, but Touchstone proved he can be a strong asset to the team. He played corner because he likes defense, and he can score off of interceptions. When Touchstone found out he made the varsity team, he was very excited and thankful.

“The fact that I was able to contribute to the team really makes me feel great. As a freshman, I know I have three more years of high school football, so I make it a goal to play for the seniors and juniors who’s time is almost up,” said Touchstone.

The head coach, Vernon Fox, has lead the team in all their regular season victories. Fox has coached for three years. Fox wanted to coach at a school like Faith Lutheran where he can be around the fame that he loves and operate in ministry and teach about Jesus daily. His favorite part about coaching is seeing the team grow as men and players.

“It requires a lot of work and takes up a lot of your time away from your family to prepare properly and really be successful,” Fox said. “We have become more mature and more consistent in our execution as a team. Additionally, we are playing with much more confidence and expectation of victory. It makes a big difference,”

The team studies their opponents and does prep work in daily practices to make sure they are ready for games.

“I think we all want to win, but or goal is to focus on winning one game at a time and let the season take care of itself,” Fox said.

Faith finished the regular season as the undefeated Sunset Conference champions. The varsity team was looking forward to playing in the championship, but losing to Chaparral knocked them out.

Faith was looking forward to making the championship from previous years and their regular season. In the past three years, varsity has been the Division 1A Conference Champions three times and in 2013, Faith was the Division 1A Nevada Southern Region and Division 1A State Champions.

Challenges can be a big part of a team and the season. The varsity team has gone through a couple of these challenges and injuries.

“Injuries are always a big one. Three key players were out all summer due to surgeries, but they fought their way back and they are all on the field with us now and helping us be successful,” said Fox.

Next year, Faith Lutheran will be in a higher division. Fox thinks the competition will get stronger, and he personally believes their football culture will change for the better.

For eighth graders who want to play football next year, Touchstone is proof that there is a chance.

“I would say that the offseason is key. Always find ways to make yourself better and set goals for yourself. Put all your effort in once summer workouts and camp come around,” said Keagan.