Road Block!

Issue tabled and left undecided at Clark County zoning meeting


Jordan Pulse

Cars and construction trucks drive across Homestretch.

Jordan Pulse, Editor

On November 4, representatives from Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School attended a Clark County Commissioners zoning meeting, regarding the removal and replacement of Homestretch Drive in order to expand the campus and keep students safe. After an hour of discussion, the commissioners decided to table (delay) their final decision until January 6.

Before attending the Clark County Commissioner meeting, Faith Lutheran had to fill out an application requesting to vacate and relocate Homestretch Drive. After the application was filled out and sent in, the Commissioners and Faith Lutheran then proceeded to schedule the meeting. This particular zoning meeting was open to the public and held at 9:00 a.m.

Some residents who live near Homestretch find Faith Lutheran’s zoning request to be unnecessary. To these residents, the loss of Homestretch would mean many people would have to continue on Hualapai and turn around West Sahara, which may take more time and cause traffic backups.

However, Dr. Steven Buuck, CEO of Faith Lutheran, thinks some residents are misinterpreting Faith Lutheran’s motives.

“Some people are convinced that we are after a big piece of property, just to sell it because one piece of property is worth more than two separate pieces,” said Buuck. “ But [I assure you] this is a perfect spot in Summerlin, and we have no interest whatsoever in selling Faith Lutheran.”

Faith Lutheran wanted to move Homestretch due to future campus expansion. This plan, scheduled to be finished by 2022, could cost over seventy-million dollars. The future campus expansion includes a STEM building, aquatic center, tennis courts, on-campus parking and more features.

If the County Commissioners decide to not vacate Homestretch, Faith Lutheran will still continue expanding.

“We can build a bridge, a tunnel, hire crossing guards or gate [Homestretch] from 7:30 to 4:00,” Buuck said.

Faith Lutheran requested to have Homestretch removed and relocated to an area south of its vacant lot. In addition, they even proposed to pay about two-million dollars just to move Homestretch.

Buuck knows that this amount of money will not be an easy payment.

“We don’t have 1.8 million, but it is so important to me to keep [students] safe that I am willing to figure out how to pay for that road,” said Buuck. “There is so much more I wish I could do with 2 million, but to me this is worth the expense because I might save a kid’s life.”

Hailey Hines, an eighth grade student, agrees and disagrees regarding the vacated street.

“I think this would be a very good idea for the future of our academies. However, our new campus might be so gigantic that it will be difficult to find your way around,” said Hines.

Another reason Faith wants Homestretch to be vacated and relocated is due to student risk and danger.

“As you drive around the United States of America, you will find no or very few middle schools and high schools with a street running right through the campus, for one simple reason ‘it’s dangerous’,” Buuck said.

Considering the amount of adult car accidents, Buuck believes the rate of middle schoolers would be just as worse.

“Adults get killed once a week in this town on the Strip. They are smart and not necessarily drunk, but even they get injured and hit by cars,” said Buuck. “With two hundred and twenty sixth graders running across the street, the first ten might think to look both ways but the other two-hundred might get injured. ”

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