Students react to change in locker room


Athena Brown

Faith Lutheran students walk into the girls’ locker room to get ready for PE class. This change has caused students to alter their way of getting ready.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

The Physical Education department has issued some changes in the P.E. locker room this year at Faith Lutheran, causing some students to change the way they get ready and where they store their belongings.

The change includes students having to put all of their belongings in a locker and lock it if they have a lock. Sports bags must be kept on the shelves by the showers. Nothing may go on top of the lockers. Also, the locker room has been split between middle school and high school.

This change was made for multiple reasons, including clutter.

“We made this change because the locker room is really crowded serving both middle school and high school, and it teaches responsibility that you take care of your clothes and lock them up,” said Physical Education teacher Mrs. Lisa Schwartz. “It helps us from a teaching standpoint to keep the locker room more organized.”

Students have their own opinions on why the change happened.
“I think the change was made because of a lot of theft and people were being irresponsible,” said eighth grader Emma Mathes.

The shift has caused students to change the way they use the locker room. With it being split, students may have trouble getting ready for their class.

“The change has affected me because it takes longer to open my locker, and I like to get out of there quick, so it kind of slows down the process,” said Jared Nigro, an eighth grader.

Other students think that the rule change makes things more complicated in other areas.
“It’s more crowded in the locker rooms now, especially on chapel and late start days,” said eighth grader, Caroline Hsu. “It’s hard to find a locker to lock your stuff in.”

Though the transformation may have affected some students, others believe it was necessary because “people were chaotic and scrambling in the locker room and people were stealing other people’s things, so it was good way to organize more evenly and make it safer,” seventh grader Teagen Flourens said.

Some teachers believe the change benefits the students in ways such as their responsibility growing.

“It teaches the students to be responsible and to care for the IPads, phones, and clothing that costs their families lots of money,” said Schwartz. “They should be responsible for keeping it safe and secure.”

Some students think this shift has had a positive impact on them and others because now people act better in the locker rooms.

“I think the change was smart because before, a lot of stuff was getting mixed up, and now it’s more sorted and efficient,” said seventh grader Annie Seigle.

As the teachers notice the differences in the locker room, they see them getting carried out, making the locker room a better place.

“It is a little bit cleaner, nicer, easier to walk around, and there isn’t things everywhere,” said Schwartz.

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