Trick-or-treating eerie-sistable for Students


Photo courtesy of photosforclass.

Trick-or-treaters on Halloween, having fun with their friends. They hope they can trick-or-treat forever, but sadly once they are middle school there parents will tell them they are too old.

Lauren Kling, Staff Writer

On October 31, there are many kids who go out trick-or-treating. Some of them are middle schoolers. Some adults may question them

‘Aren’t you too old to trick-or-treat?’

How old is too old? There are many people who think that kids should stop trick-or-treating at age twelve, but many students disagree.

“Kids should stop trick-or-treating when they feel they are too old,” said Evan Robinson, a seventh grader.

Others believe there is a certain age to stop.

“People should stop trick-or-treating when they are fifteen or sixteen,” said Lauryn Selby, an eighth grader.

Most students agree with her.

“You should stop trick-or-treating when you are a teenager.” said a sixth grader, Ben See.

Ciara Swenson said “fourteen” is a good age.

Why do kids trick-or-treat? There are many reasons kids decide to trick-or-treat: free candy, spending time with friends, and wearing a costume.

Free candy is a seventh grader, Skye Landaz’s, favorite part of Halloween.

“Everyone is giving out free candy, and it is really nice,” said Landaz.

A great part of Halloween is the candy, but Swenson had a different opinion.

“I like Halloween because I get to hang out with friends, get candy for free, and we just get to have the best time of our lives,” said Swenson.

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