Student Council:2015-2016 Leaders of Faith Lutheran

Chris Schwarz, Staff Writer

“Student Council is great. It is all student generated. The only reason I am there is to lead them to making decisions. What they decide to do is what we do.” Mrs. Tish Carroll, the Student Council Adviser makes it clear that she thinks that Student Council should be lead by the students.

For the 2015-2016 school year, instead of a president, vice president, secretary, etc. Faith Lutheran leadership made it so that the roles are eighth grade executives and representatives, as well as seventh grade executives and representatives. The power is now more balanced between the executives and representatives. That way, more people have a voice in Faith Lutheran Student Council.

This year, Faith Lutheran has a new student council leader, Mrs. Tish Carroll. Many of the students in student council like her, including Hines,”She is fair and fast, and always gets the job done right,”eighth grade representative   Hailey Hines said. Carroll is going on her second year teaching at Faith Lutheran. She coached the swim team last year, and she teaches all of her students about integrity and honesty. She even wrote and published a book that she gives most of her students. The book titled, “Embrace The Game” focuses on students who weren’t going to graduate high school because of things like they can not afford to graduate. They wrote their story’s in the book and all of them graduated.

Faith Lutheran student council is always coming up with good ideas, such as student council came up with to raise money for the Mark 10:14 program. The carnival on 9/11 “went great, we hit one of our goals” said Brady Dalbec, eighth grade Executive officer.

People join student council for many reasons, and it “requires lots of leadership skill” said Dalbec.

You get to meet and work with new people,” said Dalbec.

Some members of student council join because they want to try something new. Others join because they think they have exceptional leadership skill.

Some students are recommended by teachers, such as Hailey Hines. “Last year, I was talking to Mrs. Thorten and she said that I may like Student Council,  she was right,” said Hines. Others had siblings that previously -enjoyed student council and they wanted to try it .

According to the students in Student Council, they love to be in it and being able to make their mark on the school.

The students do a good job of selecting who would be good to lead Faith Lutheran, Carroll thinks. “I have an amazing group of kids, they are all hard workers and it is amazing working with them,” Carroll said.

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