Faith Lutheran middle school marching band excites the crowd during halftime


Photo courtesy of Susan Payne

In this photo, the marching band members are performing on the middle of the football field for half time. The middle school students play their instruments to wake up the crowd.

Jackson Moran, Editor

Faith Middle School marching band returns for another year of supporting Faith athletics and events. One of the main athletic events, the marching band performs is the home varsity football games.

Myles Payne is one of many students who plays in the marching band. He plays the Saxophone. “I really like the sounds the saxophone makes and I just really wanted to play it,” said the Saxophonist. This student is in the marching band and has been in the Marching band since sixth grade. He “really enjoys” being in the marching band because they get to perform at football games and get to rally the crowd.

The marching band members have to practice a lot in order to do their job well. The students practice on school days, during school on both maroon and gold days. They practice during the marching band block, and play for about an hour. They practice many different songs, marching, and mainly making sure they are prepared to pump up the football crowd.

Since many people perform in the marching band, there are many different instruments including brass instruments, wood winds, and percussion. Some brass instruments include the trumpet, tuba, French horn, and maybe the cornet. Some wood winds include the clarinet, flute, oboe, and saxophone. Some percussion instruments in the band include the bass drums, cymbals, timpani, and the xylophone.

The marching band performs mainly at varsity football events. They only perform during home games and play before, at halftime, and at the end of each game. The marching bands purpose is to pump up the crowd by playing different songs.

“I think it is very fun when we get to perform and march in front of a crowd and players,” said Payne.

At halftime, the whole marching band comes out to the middle of the football field. They march and play songs while forming the letters “FL”. This always helps to pump up the crowd.