Chase Wood: state and regional champion, motivator and inspiration


Photo courtesy of Chase Wood

Chase Wood pushes himself to finish strong at Nevada regionals last year. Setting goals or having dedication, motivates Wood.

Jordan Pulse, Editor

Cross Country, running or anything in general, requires determination and the willpower to “never give up.” In fact, “if you say after one practice or meet ‘I can’t do this’, you’re right. But, if you keep going and supporting yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to,” said Chase Wood, champion of 2014 Nevada cross-country regionals and state championship.

At regionals last year, Wood achieved first place out of fifty-two contestants from all over Nevada.

Motivating himself or “knowing that there is always someone else that has it tougher than I have it” impacts Wood and makes him “work even harder,” Wood said.

Also a member in Applied Christianity, Wood, becomes motivated from his Christian faith and beliefs in God.

“Before meets and sometimes after practices, we pray and ask God for guidance, making sure whatever we do is honorable for him not for us,” said Wood.

Besides motivation, Wood has improved and learned much more from his past cross country experiences in middle school. Not to mention, Wood has formed stronger ambitions and goals that he constantly pushes himself to achieve.

Wood focuses on beating his times, and setting some sort of goal along the way.

“To break 16:00 minutes, to have the fastest time in Nevada, and beat Austin Rodgers  another competitor he has faced this season that he is 1 win and 1 loss to, are huge goals for him. [Austin] is the only runner Chase has lost to all season and is one of the reasons Chase [beat] a personal record when they competed against one another,” Jeff Edwards, head high school cross country coach, said via email. “Austin brings out the best competitor in Chase and they both have mutual respect for one another.”

Not only has Wood improved his running times, but he has shown greater leadership qualities.

“He is much more of a leader in high school. He is a motivator and a team captain,” explained Brenda Beery, middle school cross-country coach.

However, Beery doesn’t believe Wood has changed too greatly, regarding his motivation or work ethic. Since, “Chase has always pushed himself” and figured out his abilities “early before middle school,” said Beery.

To build up his expertise and physical abilities even more, Wood prepares for this year’s regional competition on November 8, 2015, by constantly pushing and beating his own times.

According to Wood’s coach, he has come a long way, from when he first started running.

“Chase’s biggest success this season is that he is leading races from the beginning. In the past, he would let another runner lead the race and control the tempo of the race as he would follow right behind them,” Edwards wrote.  “This would usually result in his time going up and down all season.  This year his times have gotten faster from meet to meet by Chase’s ability to lead in races has given more confidence.

Beery believes Wood has the ability to win regionals again.

“He has a very good chance of winning since he knows the people he competes against, and I am sure he has been working even harder this year and will continue to just get better and better,” said Beery.

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