Faith Lutheran Middle School Builder’s Club serves people in their community


Photo by Kylie Capuano

Eighth grader Isabelle Cottingham makes a card thanking veterans for their service. Builder’s club makes these cards for their November service event.

Kylie Capuano, Editor

The 2015 Faith Lutheran Builder’s Club works around the community to make the area a better place by doing volunteer work throughout the school year.

Students involved in builder’s club meet together three times a month before school to discuss and plan for the club. There are over twenty students involved in Builder’s Club; students can join Builder’s Club at any time throughout the school year.

Students in Builder’s Club serve those around them and learn many skills along the way.

“It is a service organization where students use their God-given abilities and hearts to help others around them,” said Builder’s Club advisor Mrs. Karen Walo via email. “Our core objectives are to provide members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership.”

Walo hopes to provide students with the opportunity to serve the community and the people in it.

“One thing I do as the sponsor is connect groups, people, and organizations that need volunteers with the students who have a heart for service,” said Walo via email. “Sometimes that need is on our own campus, and other times it is with organizations and churches in our community.”

Throughout the year, Builder’s Club will partake in many service events, but their major service event of this year is Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child occurs around December and is an event that the entire school can participate in.

Another service event that Builder’s Club will do occurs during October when students will make cards for veterans thanking them for serving the country. The cards will be handed out on November 11 for Veteran’s Day.

Two more service events that the students in Builder’s Club will volunteer in is the Make-A-Wish walk on March 12 and packaging meals for children at Three-Square.

This year, students in Builder’s club have more responsibilities than last year.

“One thing that is different about Builder’s Club this year is that we are really working on turning over the leadership and decision making to the students,” said Walo. “This year members will be divided into committees to work on different events as they occur.”

Many Builder’s Club students are excited to serve at the events.

“I’m most excited to work individually to earn service hours and to go on the field trip to Three-Square at the end of the year,” said Builder’s Club member Maggie Skinner.

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