Time for Overdrive

Library releases new online reading tool


Photo by Sabrina Richards

Sydney Bell preps herself as she jumps into her first eBook on Faith’s Overdrive library. EBooks have an easily accessible format; students simply open their account and view the fully colored and illustrated eBook pages.

Sabrina Richards, Staff Writer

A brand new digital eBook program arrived at the Faith Lutheran Library in early October. “Overdrive,” the program’s software, now gives students the ability to check out books from the online library and read them on their own personal device.

Overdrive is a public library within a device, accessible through a website. Faith Lutheran students now have hundreds of library eBooks at their fingertips. They can experience the library atmosphere without any physical labor.

Faith Lutheran’s Head Librarian, Mrs. Melanie Bowline, oversees the program. Bowline used the basic title recommendations Overdrive suggested, and she personalized Faith’s online library to fit the needs of students.

This program offers many new reading opportunities and experiences for the students at Faith.

“Hopefully we will build lifelong readers,” said Bowline.

To use Faith’s new program, students need to access the website at faithlutheran.lib.overdrive.com, and sign in with their five digit Student ID number. Students can use the search bar to narrow down their book title selection by genre, popularity, or reading level.

The new program promises to make reading life much easier for students, especially those with busy lifestyles, who struggle to find time when they can return a physical book.

“I find it very useful because a lot of people forget to return or renew books; also, it gives you a better variety of books to choose from.” Sydney Bell, a seventh grader said.

EBooks’ formats include full color pages with illustrations and an easy, traditional page flip. The first phase of the online library will roll out approximately five hundred eBooks. The amount of eBooks at Faith Lutheran’s online library will slowly increase as time goes on.

Many students at Faith Lutheran have found an appreciation for the convenience of the site, and its easy accessibility.

“It’s most like a library, and you don’t have to go in and go through all the trouble of getting the card.” Michael Mincer, a seventh grader, stated. “You can just get it [the book] at home and just read it from there.”

EBooks remain on the student’s device for two weeks. If a renewal becomes necessary, a student may prolong the expiration for a total of three weeks. EBooks never become overdue, as they disappear from the account as soon as the eBook expires.

Mincer expressed his thoughts about the allotted time frame a student has with the eBook.

“It might need to be a little bit longer for long novels,” Mincer said.

Faith Lutheran’s Overdrive was released on October 2, 2015, and students now have total access to the online library.

The library purchased the program, and will continue to support it in years to come.

“The library invested a large amount of money,” said Bowline.

In the Twenty-first Century generation, electronic devices and programs are gradually becoming a necessity of everyday life.

Mr. Jonathan Orr, Educational Technology Coordinator, and his family, are big supporters of online educational tools.

“I know my sixth grader also loves reading his books on his iPad, so he is very excited about being able to check books in and out virtually,” Orr said.

Having virtual books on the iPad lightens the load of students’ backpacks, and creates a way for students’ to have their novels with them no matter where they go.

Seventh grader Julian Misko plans to utilize this interesting feature of the program.

“You do not have to carry around the books, and it is just on your iPad,” said Misko.

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