Apple releases IOS9 with some major new improvements


Photo By: Louis De Salvio

Many people are in the Apple store in Downtown Summerlin. IOS9 released new improvements but, also with some bugs that need to be fixed although, most users with the new update have had very minor issues

On September 16, Apple released their new IOS9 software update which adds more features to Siri, changes the notes app, and differentiates the way the whole Apple community clears out apps. Students have said they have a very general opinion about it, they are generally very happy with the way it is turning out.

This update could have major effects on the ways Faith Lutheran uses iPads. Most teachers preferred way to take online notes is through notability, but with the new notes app (which works almost identically to the notability app) could the preference change? Also when typing on the pages app on iPad, and people can’t type a certain word, users can use the voice feature which has become much better.

Siri works much better than all the previous iterations, understanding iPad users’ voices much clearer and helping in many more ways. One major update is the new notes app which changes the way users bring in pictures into the notes app and adds a drawing feature. Finally, the update makes the way users clear out apps more productive and better looking with everything to the right of the main home screen.

When asked about what features he likes about the software update is Educational Technology Coordinator  Jonathan Orr stated , “I like it. It makes my phone more efficient, especially the power saving mode on my phone, and the pull down option on the iPad.”

Students also seem to like the software update but, their has been a very tiny number of students who have had issues with the updating the software. One seventh grader Sabrina Richards, who also works on the MS Crusader staff has expressed some of her issue.

“The tech center ended up having to factory reset my IPad due to my iPad not letting me be able to set it up after the update,” Richards said.

Overall most students like the new update and haven’t had many issues at all that users know of. Although one commonly mentioned issue with the IOS9 update is that some students updated and it left them on the Hello screen so teachers in the I.T. department had to factory reset their iPads. Apple, has released IOS9.2 to fix some of the bugs that people endured when installing the new update.

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