Faith adds additional chapel for MS students


Athena Brown

Applied students Emma Mathes and Grace Parker preparing for chapel. Faith created the second chapel because the middle school is too big for the CPAC.

Due to an abundance of middle school students and limited number of seats in the CPAC, this year, Faith Lutheran administrators have created two separate middle school chapels compared to the usual one.

Some benefits do come from having two chapels. The students always get to lead chapel twice.

“The benefits of being able to do two chapels is that if you mess up or want to change things you are able to,” said eighth grader Bella Nigro.

Another benefit includes space for every single person. Every middle school student, teachers, even special guests will have a seat to participate in chapel.

“Everyone gets a seat. If we had one chapel, at least forty to fifty people would have to stand. That would not be good for worship,” said Applied teacher, Miss Joanne Krafft.

Katie Wiltse, Applied teacher, agreed. She said that Chapel “would have had no room for parents and special guests who often come to our chapels and other gatherings.”


Since the Applied class now has to perform twice, the class does not get to run through their skits first block. Though it affects them, some think the change was a good idea.

“The split chapel makes it a little bit harder for us,” said eighth grader Sara Short. “But otherwise I think it’s a great opportunity to fit more kids in chapel, and it’s a little more personal as there’s less people.”

Now, not everyone gets to watch the same chapel. Some students want Chapel to include everyone all at once.

“I would like it better if we were all there and worshiping God all together,” eighth grader Abby Nigro said.

Some students will have class first and then go to chapel, or they will attend chapel first and go to class after. This may change the students day and affect it some way.

“I personally prefer first chapel so you get into chapel early in the morning, then you are in a good mood for first block,” said eighth grader Amanda Bailey.

Both teachers of Applied have to work around having two chapels, also. As a result, they can not use first block as their set up time.

“Last year we had all of first block to get ready. This year we have about 15-25 minutes to get ready,” said Krafft.

Because of the limited time to set up chapel, the teachers must arrive earlier to make sure everything looks good. They also have to have everything ready before the day of Chapel.

“I have to arrive earlier to make sure everything is set up,” said Wiltse. “It also means we have no wiggle room, everything must be planned and rehearsed the block before we have Chapel.”

The teachers have high hopes for the separate chapels. More people get to watch and worship, and ultimately teachers want that.

“Our hope always for Chapel and at Faith Lutheran is that ‘Everyone Prepared! Everyone Saved!’,” said Wiltse. “By having two chapels we can have more students at Faith. When we have more students at Faith, that’s more people that get exposed to God’s Word and that the Holy Spirit has the opportunity to work in their hearts and lives,” said Wiltse. “I hope one day both chapels are brimming with students so that we can worship our awesome God together.”

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