Quizzlet, an online studying tool helps students advance in their studying habbits.

Seventh grader Daniel Antonino uses the app Quizlet to study for his science test. Many students memorize terms by playing vocabulary games.

Kendal Ownes

Seventh grader Daniel Antonino uses the app Quizlet to study for his science test. Many students memorize terms by playing vocabulary games.

Kendal Ownes, Staff writer and

The online studying app Quizlet, helps students study their lessons or prepare for a big test in a more exciting way. The owner of Quizlet created it thinking of students needs but some people may not use the app the way it was intended by getting the answers easily instead of learning the concepts.

Quizlet is an online tool created by a high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland in Albany, California. The app made in October of 2005 was not released to the public until January of 2007, according the company’s profile. The app now contains over 40 million study sets. All of the study sets and lessons are user generated so teachers can put their own lessons, notes, study guides and more on the website for their students to study.

“Some of my teachers put vocabulary words or study guides on the website, so it makes it easier for me to learn the material and study for my tests,” said sixth grader Kimmy Vu.

The free website and app provides learning learning tools to students and helps them comprehend the material that they learn. The app has flashcards and a variety of games. People can log in for free and create their own sets of cards and worksheets. Students state that they like the app because of how easily it works.

“I like the app because it’s super easy to use, has a lot of games, and study guides,” said seventh grader Griffen Howell.

Students find the app very helpful and even like it more than the regular study guide.

“I like it more than the regular study guide because I don’t have to worry about using it and it has more things to prepare for what I’m studying for,” said seventh grader Brady Dalbec.

Other kids prefer the paper study guide and not the app.

“I like studying off of the paper study guide because even though I like using the app, I’d rather write things down than do it on my iPad,” said eighth grader Katie Walo.

Some students use the app the wrong way and look up their homework lessons to find answers. Some worksheets may be on the website, making it easy for students to find the answers without doing the work. Students and teachers from other schools may put the worksheets up on the website not realizing that other students are getting the answers.

Some teachers have stopped using the website all together.

“I’m not going to lie I have looked up my homework lessons once or twice to find a few answers that I didn’t get,” said Walo

It’s the students choice to use the app right way or to take the easy way out.

“I have thought about looking up some of my homework answers but never followed through with it,” said seventh grader Ainsly Teal.

Students and teachers can get the app Quizlet for free on the app store or use the website to set up their own flashcards and study guides. The app has helped a lot of students improve their studying skills and improve on tests.

“I highly recommend the app because it helps me a lot, and I think it would help other people too,” said Dalbec.