Students performed their final orchestra and guitar concerts for the year


Photo By: Megan Correia

Middle School beginning orchestra performs one of their songs as intermediate orchestra prepares to play after they conclude their piece of music. Zeigner and Schlicker composed a concert full of “fun and enjoyment”.

On Tuesday May 12, Middle school and High school orchestra and guitar classes took the stage to perform their final concert for the school year. Even though students have performed at a number of concerts, Mr. Daniel Zeigner and Mr. Philip Schlicker planned to make this concert one of the best.

“I am creating more enthusiasm within myself to get them really going. We are also listening more to our-selves so we can understand what needs to be improved upon,” Zeigner said prior to the concert.

Preparing for the last concert can’t compare to preparing for the very first concert the year means the musician brings new techniques because many students have improved with their skills inside of class and out.

“In class I’ve learned about pretty much everything I need to know about my instrument, and at concerts I learned how to be on stage and how to handle big crowds,” seventh grader Nicola Talbot said

Learning different techniques throughout class expands the knowledge of music.

Also, each time a musician performs at a concert, they become more familiar with routines and directions.

“I think that I learned to have a better stage presence and to be more professional this year,” eighth grader Sara Clark said.

At Faith, nothing becomes more stressful than preparing their class for excellence at the final performance.

“I think that [Zeigner] has become more focused in the rehearsals, and we have tightened the reigns a little bit,” Clark said prior to the concert.

Taking place in the CPAC, the concert featured middle school guitar, intermediate orchestra, beginning orchestra and high school orchestra to show how much students gained from previous learning experiences at concerts.

“For my final concert, I’m working hard in class, and when I go home every night I perfect the skills I need [in or- der] to play well,” Talbot said.

Getting the perfect note down takes time, cooperation, and effort. Not only do performers have expectations on how they need to perform, but directors have expectations as well.

“Rehearsing, working on stage, and getting them pumped up about their final performances!” Zeigner

At a final concert, orchestras learn many new pieces, some that are challenging and expect a higher attention level of practice

“This year we had our top middle school orchestra playing music that our high school orchestra played two years ago. They are really working hard,” Zeigner said.

Being apart of an orchestra brings many opportunities, being able to read and translate notes lets a musicians mind sprout, but being able to play an instrimuent allows stu- dents to focus on new points.

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