Faith to host theatre summer camp in July


Photo courtesy of Emily Ball

Students who attended “Mellow Dramatist” two years ago performing their musical number in the picture above. Though Master Act is not the same, it does supply the same acting lessosns and elements every actor should know.

From July 6 through 11, sixth through twelfth graders may attend the Faith Lutheran Theatre Company’s drama camp, Master Act, located in Faith’s CPAC. The camp includes six days of competitive, ensemble-based theater activities from 9 AM to 3 PM.

This theatre camp helps kids with their stage abilities. It helps Faith Lutheran students who want to improve on acting and other stage related skills.

“Master Act is a theater camp for sixth through twelfth graders who are currently enrolled at Faith,” said the Dean of Fine Arts, Emily Ball. “And it’s a chance for even those that are very experienced to get better, and for those who want to learn about theater and don’t have the experience to perform, because not all students always get the chance to perform, and in this camp every single students gets to be on stage.”

This camp includes three performance workshops, opportunities to work with Theatre Industry Professionals, special guest speakers such as Aaron DeJesus and Gail Bennett and a Round Robin Audition Competition, where the skilled professionals will choose their groups. Every student has the chance to perform in the final ACT, along with a trip to Tuacahn’s “Beauty and the Beast” and an optional opportunity to see Cirque Du Soleil’s “KA”.

Master Act has a very different theme this year. Everything has to do with “Star Wars”. Students will train with “Theatre Jedi Masters” as they prepare for the “ultimate show down”.

“The whole idea is that each of the different teams will be one of the “Star Wars” groups,” said Ball. “We are going to have a group of Wookiees, a group of Ewoks, and the final battle will determine who will be the winner of the entire Master Act.”

Students want to learn things that they did not know before, and grow as performers. These lessons can help them for future shows and auditions, also.Also, students may want to learn about their individual acting skills and what they can do and what they need to work on.

“I hope to learn more about my personal character and learn more about what I am capable of doing,” said seventh grader Grace Parker, also an MS Crusader journalist.

As the instructors direct the students throughout the week, they want them to pick up and learn from what they teach. They also want them to make new friends and help the theatre community grow.

“I hope that students absolutely learn about theatre, the art of theatre, and real important to me is that they learn the art of ensemble, working together as a team to create something beautiful and to tell a story, and they will also meet other people” said Ball.

Students participate in this camp for all different reasons. They just want to improve at what they love to do and have fun while doing it. They want to hang out with their friends, and have a great time.

“I know that it will help me improve in what I’ve always dreamt to do,” said seventh grader Emma Mathes.

Students seem excited for the “Star Wars” theme, since it does not compare to anything they have ever done before. New and cool, this theme will keep the students intrigued while they learn more acting skills.

“I think it’s going to be fun,” said Asherian. “Last year we had a castle sort of Medieval thing going on, and this year it’s going to be all futuristic, so I’m pretty excited to see the plot twist the Mr.Ball puts on the whole show and organization.”

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