Echo & Rig’s cuisine “wows” customers

Various meats inside the meat locker at Echo & Rig’s Steakhouse. Echo & Rig’s offers many types of meat, and customers can add various spices too.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

Echo & Rig’s Steakhouse located in Tivoli Village offers a great dining experience, with delicious food and their very own butcher shop. The building itself is quite large and quite fancy.

This steakhouse serves steak, seafood, sandwiches, soups, salads, and more for entrées and desert. Visitors can buy all sorts of meat, and they can order the meat with special spices. Echo and Rig’s Steakhouse sells unique cuisine like their Cappuccino which include sponge cake cubes, chocolate shavings, affogato fudge sauce, and espresso ice cream.

Customers dine on the second floor of the building where the restaurant part of the building rests. The restaurant looks very nice, especially with the big windows that customers can see through while dining. The music choices the restaurant chose were mostly old school songs, but they sounded great and fit the restaurant.

Echo and Rig’s Steakhouse has a head butcher, Aaron J. Oster, and other butchers to help. The restaurant as well has many chefs that prepare delicious food for the customers.

The second floor houses the restaurant and the kitchen, while the butcher shop, the meat freezer, and a small bar sit on the ground floor. Some of the meats in the freezer are shown as a display in one of Echo and Rig’s windows. Many different kinds of meat sat or hanged in the freezer, some had special touches to them for custom orders as well. The bar did not have much to it, the bartender just served drinks and talked to his customers.

Oster also let me go into the meat freezer to take pictures of the condiments inside. The freezer looked small on the inside, but if there was not so much meat and condiments in there it would be a big room. The smell inside the freezer was incredible because I got to take in all the different smells coming off the meat.

I visited the restaurant with six of my family members. My father ordered the Tomahawk Style Bone-In Ribeye (medium plus), and I ordered a New York Steak (medium plus) with the side of their homestyle potato chips, which tasted amazing. My aunts ordered the Vertical Chicken and the Colorado Lamb Porterhouse Chops. My mother, sister, and grandmother shared some of everything and ordered a small plate of mac n’ cheese that costs $8.20.

The food tasted delicious overall, but my aunt said that her chicken was a little dry, when she would have liked it more if it was more moist. But my other family members said that their food tasted great.

The restaurant sells small plates ranging from $5 to almost $10. The steaks cost from $25 to almost $35. Seafood costs $21.70 and entrées cost $19.60. Lastly, soups and salads are priced from $5 to $11.40.

The the service the employees provided was very good. They always came to see how things tasted and asked if anyone needed anything, like a refill or any extra food the customer wanted to add.

The food at Echo and Rig’s Steakhouse can cost quite a lot, but I would say every penny is worth it because they have delicious food. I recommend the potato chips as a side because they tasted great and suited the steak well. To learn more about Echo and Rig’s Steakhouse visit:

Echo and Rig’s serves great food with great service. If a customer calls and orders meat or food with customizations, like adding extra or different spices, they butchers make sure they get all they wanted on the food is there. I highly recommend Echo and Rig’s for a great dinner and a great dining experience.

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