Student council replaces presidential positions with executive officers


Photo By Hannah Lundgaard

During Advisory, Middle School Student council finishes planning the eighth grade Wet n’ Wild trip. Director, Kristen Thornton, prepares student council for this exciting trip.

For the 2015-2016 school year, Faith Lutheran Middle school student council will change from having presidential positions to having executive officers supervise committees.

What is student council? According to http://www.student-, student council is a representative structure for student only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of school, working in partnership with school man- agement, staff and parents for the benefit of its school and its students.

In a way student council is just like Faith Lutheran’s school board. Lets see what student council contributes to Faith.

“Student Council is an elect- ed group of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who plan student events, act as a sound- ing board for students to bring thoughts and ideas to administration,” said Kristen Thornton, middle school student council advisor, “ and lead the student body at various activities and events. Student council takes on major responsibility in a school. Having such a large school, “ The student body needs a group of students who organize and lead various events. With- out student council, there would be no assemblies, back to school event, eighth grade celebration, Lutheran Schools Week, March Madness, etc.,” said Thornton.

The Faith Lutheran eighth grade student council executive officers for next year are Brady Dalbec, Sannyah Haye, Isabelle Cottingham and Isabella Nigro. Seventh grade executive offi- cers are Jasmine Liang and Nate Young. Eighth grade representatives are Virginia Wilkerson, Nicola Talbot, Matthew Tomita, Hailey Hines and Kennedy Barr. Seventh grade representatives are Lauren Kling, Louis De Salvio, Sabrina Richards, Alexi Ruano and Lauren Tomita.

What is an executive officer? Exeutive officers have many responsibilities to help make student council great.

According to Dalbec, “executive officer are like little presidents, but they don’t have all the power. They get to manage some parts of their committee,” said Dalbec.

Having executive officers brings a new voice to student council. Thornton said that mak- ing this change in student council will make the student feel more accomplished. “This year [2014- 2015 school year] we have 2 presidents, 2 vice-presidents, and 2 secretaries. It makes it difficult to manage meetings and decide who is truly responsible for getting certain tasks done,” said Thornton. “If we have six executive offices who are each in charge of a committee within student council,we feel more will be accomplished and duties and responsibilities will be clearly de- fined,” said Thornton.

Executive officers play big roles in student council.

“An executive officer is an elected position on student council. Elected officers are in a sense our board of directors in student council. They re- side over individual committees and are responsible for leading our representatives within stu- dent council,” said Thornton. ” They have greater responsibility [while] more time and leadership is expected of them throughout the [new and upcoming school] year.”

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