Students at Faith Lutheran inspired and influenced by Joanne Kraftt’s Christian leadership


Jordan Pulse

Krafft counts costume points while teaching “The Outsiders” in her Advanced English class. Krafft goes in depth and detail, when teaching certain subjects that she has a strong passion for.

From the day she arrived at Faith Lutheran, Joanne Krafft, organizer of advisory devotions, teacher of advanced English and Theology, has helped build and positively represent Faith Lutheran to its full potential.
Ever since a child in California, Krafft has had confidence in her beliefs in God, even when she was simply playing on the playground. Krafft’s parents had a huge Christian impact on her as she grew up, and it is no shock why Krafft went to pursue a Christian education career at Faith Lutheran.
Krafft has a strong and definite confidence that God truly does exist and is working in each of the students and teachers at Faith Lutheran. As a result, this impacts multiple students and has made many of them stronger in their faith.
Krafft’s appreciation and love for her parents setting her on the path to Christianity, hasn’t ended, even to this day.
“My parents are the best. Jesus and salvation and church were, and still are, as important in our lives as breathing and eating. They gave me life–literally and spiritually. What more could a kid ask for?” said Krafft.
However, as many students at Faith Lutheran know, no one has a perfect life entirely, except for Jesus. People come and go with difficult struggles, trials, and tribulations in their lifetime because of the sinful nature of humans.
Krafft even faced these trials and tribulations in her life as well.
“I have had very few big challenges in my life. My dad had cancer and that was scary, but he’s totally cancer free and still working at 77 years old,” said Krafft.
Krafft’s original purpose for coming to Faith Lutheran was because “ it was where [she] got her first job offering”. Once college students at Concordias and other Lutheran colleges finish their training to become a teacher, “you get a call to a job offering,” Krafft said.
Krafft also inspires and give some students a better understanding on the subjects she teaches and emphasizes about, whether it be her leadership, her interesting view on things, or confidence as a teacher and a Christian.
Some students become impacted by Krafft’s confidence in her relationship with Jesus.
“She sure is confident and secure about her faith and doesn’t at once doubt that God doesn’t exist or isn’t there for her,” Krafft’s niece and Faith seventh grader Hailey Hines said.
People in her theology classes also admire her open opinions and memorized knowledge of Christ.
“I feel as if she is very open with God, and she knows by heart her bible and what she stands for, which is just ‘wow’ to me!” said Maitlyn Holloway, a seventh grader in Krafft’s Why We Believe class.
Other students admire Krafft for her fun, outgoing personality and that she isn’t afraid to put in her own opinion.
“She is a really fun and energetic person, yet she still tries her hardest to help students understand what they’re learning,” said Heather Roth, a seventh grader in Krafft’s Advanced English class.
Krafft also represents Faith by being her unique, outgoing self, showing her security in Christianity, and overall giving her care and compassion to the future generations at Faith Lutheran.
Many students at Faith Lutheran struggle inside and outside of school, and Krafft truly does care about them.
“Your Savior Jesus knows how you feel. What a comfort that is! No other “god” can say that. Have you lost a parent? So did Jesus (Joseph, his earthly father, died before Jesus was crucified),” Krafft explained. “Have a friend betray you? So did Jesus. Had people abuse you verbally or physically? So has Jesus. Talk to Jesus, he knows how you feel. Really seek him and you will find him and finding Jesus makes all the difference. Life will still be a struggle, but the hope you get in knowing Christ as your Savior makes it all bearable.”

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