Warriors and Cavaliers will battle to win NBA Finals beginning June 4 in Oakland



Stephen Curry, the league’s MVP, handling the ball during the 2015 NBA playoffs. His team, the Golden State Warriors, are favored to be the NBA Champions for the 2014-2015 basketball season.

Jared Nigro, Editor

The NBA playoffs have started and are in full swing as NBA teams battle to win something all NBA players have dreamed of having: a Championship ring.

The NBA playoffs started on April 18 and are set to end on June 4, the date when the Finals begin. TNT and ESPN will broadcast the Finals and Conference Finals. For those who don’t know how the playoffs work, they start with 16 teams of the 30 in the league. There are 4 rounds with a best-of-7 series, so the first team to win 4 games in a series will move on. Only 4 teams will move on into the second round from the first, 2 teams in the second round will move on to the Conference Finals, and after that the Finals are set.

The teams that moved on into the second round included the Golden State Warriors (1), the Houston Rockets (2), the Los Angeles Clippers (3), and the Memphis Grizzlies (5).

In the Eastern Conference, the teams that moved on included the Atlanta Hawks (1), the Cleveland Cavaliers (2), the Chicago Bulls (3), and the Washington Wizards (5).

The teams that will move on into the Western Conference Finals include the Golden State Warriors (1) and the Houston Rockets (2). They each beat the Memphis Grizzlies (5) and the Los Angeles Clippers (3).

The teams in the Eastern Conference that will move on to their Conference Finals include the Atlanta Hawks (1) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (2). They played the Washington Wizards (5) and the Chicago Bulls (3).

In the Western Conference Finals, the 1 seeded Golden State Warriors  (1) defeated the Houston Rockets (2) in the series 4 to 1 games.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers (2) swept the top seeded Atlanta Hawks (1) with a score of 4 to 0.

The Cavs and Warriors will play each other during the Finals.

Many people at Faith Lutheran believe the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA championship.

“I think the Golden State Warriors will win the Finals because they have the MVP, Stephen Curry, shooting three pointers all the time,” said seventh grader Daniel Cooke.

Eighth grader Koby Dickerson agrees with Cooke that the Warriors will win because of Curry.

“The Warriors will win the NBA championship because they have Curry, Thompson, and Green,” said Dickerson.

Seventh grader Winston Turner believes that the Warriors will not win it. He believes in his favorite team.

“I think that the Washington Wizards will win the championship because they are my favorite team, also they have John Wall and Bradley Beal,” said Turner before the Wizards were eliminated in the second round.

Many upsets have occurred in these playoffs, but Dickerson and Cooke believe that no upsets will occur for the rest of the playoffs. But again, Turner disagrees.

“I think the Wizards are going to just beat everyone that they play and win the championship,” Turner stated.

There are many players in the Playoffs now, but some players may have to stand out to make their team win. Dickerson, Cooke, and Turner all agree that Steph Curry will stand out the most “because he is the MVP,” Dickerson said.

Everyone in America will soon find out who will win the Finals starting on June 4 and going throughout the next couple of weeks of June.

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