Jonathon Scott, drug educator, comes to Faith Lutheran and educates students about the true facts regarding illegal drugs


Photo taken by: Jordan Pulse

Hailey Hines, Ireland Otto, and Alexandra Mojado pose for a picture, holding “Dont Do Drugs” signs. Illegal drugs can ruin lives and destroy future ambitions, in an instance.

Jordan Pulse, staff writer

Throughout the days of April 7 to 9, Johnathon Scott, professional drug education presenter and speaker, taught Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School students about the truth of drug overdose and the dangerous circumstances that come with drug- influenced choices.
As most students at Faith Lutheran know, Scott spoke about his risky past, with his cocaine and alcohol addictions and the fact that he came from generations of bad decision makers. Throughout his presentation, Scott gives actual evidence and proof about the mistake of accepting drugs, since they can eventually ruin someone’s life. Likewise, he also emphasized in “comprehensive drug facts, the social and political environment surrounding drugs, and the chemistry of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and their effects on the body,” Scott wrote on his website,
Scott’s endless research and determination to master how drugs effect the human body, signifies his excelled performance and his love for his job. For instance, Scott never says to the student body “Don’t Do Drugs”, without valid information and the truth that drugs can emotionally and physically destroy someone from the inside and out, with overuse. In fact, some addicts begin drug use, because they have emotional issues, not because they randomly felt like using a drug.
Some students have been highly impacted and inspired by Scott’s presentation.
“He inspired me to not get addicted to things that could possibly cause your reputation harm and possibly, ruin your life,” Amanda Bailey, a seventh grader explained.
“I liked his presentation since it was different, it had unique perspectives and he was overall hilarious!” Seventh grade student, Vanessa Avery. Some students have different opinions on what the main theme of his presentation was.
“His message was to, of course not do drugs, since they can destroy your reputation and make future choices more difficult, “ Bailey described.
Dan Buikema, High School counselor and organizer of Scott’s speeches for Middle School and High School, wishes everyone would make the choice to not take drugs or alcohol.
“I believe that the choice about whether or not to experiment with drugs and alcohol in High School is a tough one, and I wish that I could make that choice for our students but it is up to each individual,” Buikema emphasized via email. “I just hope that the facts will help a majority of our students to decide that it isn’t worth the risks, especially at such a crucial age when their brains are still developing.”
To find out more information on Scott’s story and his passion for drug education, go to his website;, for details on his books and speeches.