The 2014-2015 Middle School tennis teams accomplish many goals this year

After winning a point in a match, Maroon team players, Kelsie Seigle and Marie Langer celebrate. Currently, both Maroon teams are tied for second place.

Kelsie Seigle

After winning a point in a match, Maroon team players, Kelsie Seigle and Marie Langer celebrate. Currently, both Maroon teams are tied for second place.

Andie Ironside, Staff Writer

The 2014-2015 Faith Lutheran Middle School tennis teams are serving up new opportunities for both boy and girl students to become better tennis players.

The season first began when the first tryout occurred on March 16 to 17. The tennis teams practice Mondays and Wednesdays at the Darling Tennis Center, located at 7901 W Washington Ave. Their games occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the games occur at the Darling Tennis Center most of the time.

There are two teams for both the boy’s and girl’s tennis, Maroon (A) and White (B). Both teams for the girls have fifteen players per squad. The maroon team for boys has eight players and the white has ten.

The head coach for all the tennis teams is Coach Jeff Foley. He has enjoyed coaching the tennis teams for several years.

“Being around the student athletes give me energy, and seeing them develop on and off the court is a great joy,” said Foley via email. “Teaching them that tennis, which is usually viewed as an individual sport, can be very rewarding as a team, is also quite fulfilling, especially in a Christ and prayer based setting.”

Foley hopes to accomplish certain goals during the season.

“With both teams, our goal is to become better players each and every day, and hope that the wins come,” said Foley.

Students tried out for the team for various reasons.

“Well, last year I also tried out, and I thought I could help my team win championships like we did last year again,” said Maroon team player and Ms Crusader Editor, Caroline Hsu.

Other students have different opinions as to why they tried out.

“I really wanted to try out tennis, and I love tennis,” said girl’s White team player, Brooke Barry.

Students are excited for this season and hope for the best.

“I think it will be good experience to play on a team,” said girl’s Maroon team player, Kennedy Barr.

Although students sound excited about the season this year, there will be challenges throughout the season.

“I think my team will do okay this season because we didn’t do well our first game, but I think we can pull through,” said boy’s White team player, Kevin Zhang.

Foley also agrees that challenges will appear during the season.

Strategy in singles and doubles, consistency, improving footwork, staying focused during matches, learning how to be prepared to play your best. These are things that most every tennis player faces, and our MS kids are no different in that regard,» added Foley.

There will be playoffs in the tennis teams’ league for the first time this year, and “we are hopeful of both squads [for boys and girls] qualifying for the postseason,” said Foley.

Not only will there be playoffs, but at the end of the season, the Middle School Individual Tournament will take place.

The individual tournament will take place on May 6-7, and a team tournament will occur on Tuesday, May 12.

Playoffs aren’t the only new thing this year. According to MS Athletic Director, Mr. Ersland, “this is the first year that we’ve had a team scoring format from Red Rock Conference standings.”

Currently, both maroon teams are in second with a record of 4-1. The white teams’ record is 1-4.