Counselors at Faith Lutheran talk about what they do,how they do it, and why they picked their job as being a counselor


Josh Diaz

Mrs. Burns and a parent of a future Crusader, talk about whats happening at Faith. Also Burns talks about how to get involved at Faith. the future parents go to Burns for information about the school that they might not know.

Josh Diaz, Staff Writer

The counselors at Faith Lutheran do more than students think. Either by helping resolve problems, or inspiring students to do something more; the counselors are always there to help students.

The counselors at Faith are Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Washington, and Mr. Buikema. What they do in their job is to help out students, and to resolve hurtful issues. Certain methods are used in order to find out certain details, here are some Burns uses when she needs to.

“I try working on their cognitive thinking, the process that they’re  going through in their minds,” said Burns.

Washington however has a more complex method, to find out the more detailed areas of the issue.

“I will ask them why they are here, what did they feel was their part in the issue and then what can we do to resolve the problem,” said Washington.

After all of this the counselors continue to receive information from the student on the issue, so that afterwards the issue can be resolved, and the student can go back to his/her normal life.

Even though this is a job for them, the counselors say that they enjoy it quite a bit.

“I enjoy it…even in middle school I’d help my friends with their problems,” said Washington.

Burns says something similar.

“I love it I have the coolest job,” said Burns.

Day after day they come back to Faith to help out, with students the students they love. The real question is why? Why come back to a job that has a high stress level and low relief? Both of the counselors started out as a kid, they helped their friends and their family, potentially setting them up for the success they have today.

Students can go to the counselors anytime any day of the school week whenever they need help with something bothering them, or if they just need help. Washington and Burns are available as long as they’re not busy or at lunch.

“If I’m busy they can leave their name on my white board, and I’ll call them down when I can get back to them,” said Burns

“And if I’m not busy yes,” said Washington.

If students have something that they need help with or need to talk about, the counselors will be there for them.