Yearbooks: Middle school yearbook class finishes up the yearbook and prepares to distribute to students


Photo by Kylie Capuano

Students Nicola Talbot, Grace Balle, and Sara Short work on Aurasma and help plan for distributing. The yearbook class will distribute on May 29.

Kylie Capuano, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran middle school yearbook class finished the 2014-2015 Middle School yearbook and is preparing to distribute the yearbook on May 29.

A staff of about fifty-five students from yearbook class helped to keep record of school events and activities that took place throughout the year. Each student was assigned various events to cover that occur throughout the school year.

Along with attending school events, yearbook students receive information for the yearbook in many ways.

“We go out, and we interview. A majority of our information comes from people’s opinion, and we also do research for some stuff,” said eighth grade yearbook student Sydney Anderson.

Currently, the yearbook is finished and printed, and it will ship to Faith Lutheran soon from a company named Jostens. The Faith Lutheran yearbook class used a website owned by Jostens to create the yearbook. The name and theme of the yearbook will remain unknown to students that are not in yearbook class until the yearbook is distributed.

Multiple yearbook students enjoyed getting to contribute to the production of the yearbook.

“I enjoyed getting to make and design my own page to put in the yearbook,” said seventh grade yearbook student Courtney Martin.

Although students enjoyed making the yearbook, it became challenging at times to create it.

“The hardest part of creating the yearbook is spell-checking all of the pages and making sure you have all of the kids’ names in the sports,” said Anderson.

Yearbook students currently work on other details related to the yearbook.

“We are currently working on our distribution day details, setting up our videos for aurasma [@2014-2015 FaithMSYearbook], and we are looking ahead to next year’s yearbook theme and design,” said middle school yearbook advisor Ms. Diana Ballek via email.

On May 29, tables will be set up in the amphitheater to distribute the books. Usually, the yearbooks get distributed by last name, but this year the yearbooks might be distributed through multiple advisory classes assigned to each table.

Many students look forward to and enjoy receiving the yearbook.

“I’m excited to see what the new yearbook looks like and to see who all of the new people are at the school,” said seventh grader Mackenzie Miller.

Many yearbook students would recommend taking the class to students interested in creating the yearbook.

“I would recommend taking yearbook because Ms. Ballek is a really good teacher, and it’s exciting to see your work go into the yearbook,” said Martin.

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