Water for Life Class’s Earth Day event helps raise awareness


The Water for Life class celebrates the tree they planted near the front office. The picture shows the class’s appreciation for the Earth.

Xavier Covarrubias, Staff Writer

On April twenty-second, 2015, the Earth Day event put on by the Water for Life class helped Earth once again. Earth Day continues to focus on eliminating pollution from Earth. Mrs. Kathy Grant hosted the Earth Day event, which featured all of the students in the class.

“All of the students will be participating and helping out in this event,” said Grant via email.

Students in the class, like eighth grader Nate Meredith, thinks that this will bring an impact to the Earth.

“I feel like I’m making a big impact on the environment and just making the world better in life,” said Meredith prior to the event.

For Earth day, the class planted a tree at the front of the campus. This represents the class’s appreciation for the Earth. Eighth grader Dylan Schafer said that the class planted a tree to show how much they care for the planet.

“We just really want to show that we care for the Earth,” said Schafer.

The class also hung flyers to remind students how precious Earth is. Helping Earth was the goal of the Water for Life class since the beginning of the year.

“Since the start of the year, I have been encouraging my students to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic throwaways,” said Grant via email.

In celebration of Earth day, the Water for Life class wore blue and/or green clothing.  The Water for Life class tried to raise awareness about the unnecessary waste of Earth.

“The goal is to promote awareness that our resources are limited and that we all need to stop creating unneeded waste…Recycle…Reduce…Reuse,” said Grant via email.

If the students in that class had a choice, they still would have still done this event to help the Earth.

“I think I would still do it because it’s for the greater good of the world,” said seventh grader Brook Huang.

Grant thinks everyone should know that everything has a limit and for people to appreciate that.

“I am proud to teach the Water for Life class and think it is important for all of us to realize that we are living in a world with limited resources, and it is everybody’s job to protect our planet,” said Grant via email.