Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria, the best pizza from Brooklyn, New York

Family and friends dinning at Grimaldi's restaurant at the South Rainbow location. Serving you with fine dinning and delicious pizza.
Kendal Owens
Family and friends dine at Grimaldi’s restaurant at the South Rainbow location.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, coming straight from New York, brings all of its goodness to Las Vegas. Grimaldi’s is a casual Brooklyn based restaurant with a variety of pizza from which to choose.
Grimaldi’s originated in Brooklyn, New York. And then opened up seven restaurants in Las Vegas. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria also has many other locations all over the world. According to Grimaldi’s website the founder of Grimaldi’s pizzeria, Pasty Grimaldi got the inspiration to open up his own restaurant from his uncle. The restaurant uses coal-fired brick ovens because they give the pizza unique flavor, crisp crust, and a delightful aroma to the pizzas and calzones that they could not get from any other oven. Mostly known for their fresh ingredients Grimaldi’s has pizza, calzones,homemade mozzarella, secret dough recipe, and pizza sauce.

My experience at Grimaldi’s was excellent. I ordered cheese pizza and salad, and they both tasted great. I liked the pizza because it had a special and different taste to it. I loved the Brooklyn-based theme of the restaurant and the fun decorations and lights they put up. They had a clean atmosphere, and the people around me seemed to be satisfied. The workers acted very kind,cheerful, and kept busy. The waiters presented the food very nicely, and it looked delicious. But, it did not just look delicious, it tasted delicious as well. However, the wait time for a table took a little longer than I expected.
Besides me, others seem to enjoy the restaurant as well.

” I love eating out with my family and friends at Grimaldi’s because I love the food and my experiences are always enjoyable,” said sixth grader Kimmy Vu.

On the other hand, some people may not like it as much as Vu.
“It wasn’t the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, but I do think the ingredients tasted pretty fresh. You gotta love that oven,” said seventh grader Katelyn Phillips.
Grimaldis pizza prices range around $9.00-$18.00 depending on the pizza you choose. Their calzones price range goes from about $10.00-$18.00 also depending on what you choose.
“The food here is a little pricey, but once you get the food it definitely worth it,” said customer Peggy Peirce.

The menu has a wide variety of pizza, calzones, salads, starters, toppings , and beverages to choose from. They also have a great dessert menu including their very own homemade cheesecake for only $5.00. Grimaldi’s offers gift cards that you can purchase so that you can share the joy with friends and family.

Overall, Grimaldi’s was one of the best pizzaria I have ever visited, and I highly recommend it. Grimaldi’s also delivers to your house. To contact Grimaldi’s Pizzeria log on to to find a restuarant near you and leave a comment about your experience.