Faith Lutheran’s eighth graders have the chance to buy their iPads at the end of the year


Danae Mueller

iPads have become quite useful for classroom activities, such as the English project that these eighth graders work on. Faith will allow the eighth grade students to purchase their iPads for $150 at the end of the school year.

Danae Mueller, Editor

With the end of the school year approaching, eighth graders who have attended Faith Lutheran for all three years of middle school will now have the opportunity to buy their iPads from the school with the price set at $150.

For the past three years, all new middle school students have received iPads to help them with their school work; just like how the school gives the incoming high schoolers laptops in the beginning of the new school year.  Faith Lutheran has decided to offer the iPads for sale to the graduating middle schoolers like they do with the laptops for the high school seniors.

This arrangement equals things out between the high schoolers and the middle schoolers, summarized Mr. Tom Chalfant, the Director of Computer Services. He continued by explaining that Faith chose to do this primarily because the school has no need of three year old iPads.

Although it may seem irrelevant to some eighth graders, who will receive their laptops next year, keeping their iPads may prove useful in ways for them as a freshman next year.

In addition to having their new laptops, probably MacBook Airs, the iPads will give the new freshmen an extra research tool or another place to keep old documents, without having them take up space on the laptop.  These iPads, however, may also become troublesome if they start to break or start drawing students away from social life and homework.

“I guess it could be distracting,” said eighth grader Miranda Ritchey.

This opportunity offered by Faith Lutheran on the iPads only applies to graduating eighth graders; however, opinions from all students vary on the value of it.

Eighth grader Jack Gordon felt that “this is a good idea,” but only if the student has one of the newer versions of the iPad.

As for sixth grader Brooke Neagle, she likes the idea of purchasing her iPad at the end of her eighth grade year, and plans on buying hers when she graduates.  Her  main thought on the idea revolves around the fact that the students have “…had it all middle school and now know how to use it,” said Neagle.  She plans on using the iPad for passing time and doing schoolwork once she buys it.

Most eighth graders do not plan on buying their iPads mainly because of the specific model they have.  However, the varied opinions of these students and others can, and may, change as the end of the school year comes closer.

Of course, there are almost always conditions when buying something like this; that holds true for the iPads.

“If a middle school student has been here for the full three years,” said Chalfant, “they will be able to purchase their iPads for $150.”

Also, at the end of the year, any students that have purchased their iPads will have to make a trip to the IT department.

“We will need to remove school network information, so every eighth grader will need to come by and visit us for an end of year check out,” said Chalfant via email.

The iPads that students do not purchase at the end of the year will not go to waste, however.  The school plans on donating these returned iPads to other schools, just like they do with the unbought high school laptops. The school will just polish them up like their brand new and bless a school with the iPads.

Even though some people may question the price a little, there are benefits to buying the iPads. They provide another homework tool, a way of entertainment for bored children (and adults), and the cost is only about a third the price of a new one.

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