On your mark, get set, go!

Faith feeder school First Good Shepherd to host their annual track meet May 9


Photo Courtesy of Michelle Hines

Students from Faith’s feeder schools line up at their starting places and await the signal to begin racing. Each student can compete in up to five events at the track meet.

Tori Amen, Editor

On May 9, 2015, feeder school First Good Shepherd will host their sixth annual track meet at Faith Lutheran. Students in Kindergarten through eighth grade from invited schools can participate.

At the meet, students will compete in a variety of field, running, and relay activities. However, unlike an average track meet, the events conform with the capabilities of the younger athletes. For example, some of the field events planned for the day include a jump roping and softball throwing contest. The running events stay the same as a normal track meet, but with a 50 meter dash added in for the younger kids, according to Joanne Krafft.

Students can compete in a total of five events. They can do two running, two field, and one relay competition. However, some participants stick to their best one or two events, and “only the best athletes are in five total events,” said First Good Shepherd principal Michelle Hines over email.

Participants also have the ability to win awards in the meet. If they place first, second, third, fourth, fifth,or sixth in any of their events, athletes will receive a ribbon corresponding

Only invited schools may send athletes to compete in the track meet. About 12 schools were invited to this year’s event, including both Christian schools and other private schools. Hines expects over 500 students to participate in the meet this year.

Inviting kids from other schools exposes them to the Faith campus and atmosphere, which could motivate them to become future students.

“It’s good advertisement for Faith because you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of potential future Faith students on our campus and in our facilities,” said Krafft.

The events at the track meet are run by high school volunteers. Approximately 40 high school students help out; they get partnered up and assigned an event where they run everything and keep track of kids and their scores. Krafft organizes these volunteers prior to the event and helps things run smoothly the day of.

Originally, First Good Shepherd traveled to southern California to com- pete in a track meet with other schools. However, other schools eventually dropped out, and it seemed redundant to continue leaving the state.

“It didn’t make sense to financially continue [going to California]. I decided to start the FGSLS Invitational here in town so that our Lutheran schools and other private schools could come together and participate in a fun day,” said Hines over email.

Student Christian Bernhard encourages students from these schools to come out and participate.

“It’s a great way to hang out with people and make new friends, and it’s a great way to boost your confidence level,” said Bernhard.

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