Faith Lutheran’s Academic Awards recognizes students for their academic achievements on May 4 at 6:30

Faith Lutheran’s Academic Awards recognizes students for their academic achievements on  May 4 at 6:30

Faith Lutheran will host the Middle School Academic Awards Night to recognize new and returning students for outstanding academic performances.

Faith’s academic awards are centered around students who show and acknowledge their academic achievements. Not only does receiving an award symbolizes good work ethic, but it shows working hard can impact a student’s educational career.

“I tried to work hard to receive the award again this school year,” seventh grader Isabelle Cottingham said.

Receiving the award last school year encouraged some students to work for and receive the award again this year.

“I wanted to get it this year, so I tried hard and tried to get it again this year.” seventh grader Amanda Bailey said.

Not only do students need to meet certain standards in order to attend the awards, but they need to understand the importance of how their education is fulfilling certain grade standards. To Bailey, receiving the award meant hard work and consideration of her education.

“My award symbolizes everything I worked hard for in sixth grade, always trying and never giving up,” Bailey said.

Cottingham agreed with Bailey.

“The award symbolizes all my hard work I put into my education.” Cottingham said.

Not only would the academic award impact students’ thoughts on the education they’re receiving at Faith. The award could impact students by expanding the education they receive by trying impactful clubs or techniques that could change their look on community service and education. Receiving the award could show the students that grades are key to a successful education.

“After I received the award, I know it impacted my education because it made me enjoy my education more.” said Cottingham.

Qualifying for the academic awards not only proves that students can reach academic excellence, but it also shows that keeping a good work ethic pays off.

“My award encouraged me to keep trying and to work harder,” Bailey said

With the awards ceremony taking place on May 4, students that were specially invited will be congratulated with a certificate stating their education achievements and stating the title of the award. Following the award ceremony, refreshments and sweets will be provided to treat the participants and their guests.