Nurse Ramona Alicea, helping students daily


Matthew Huckabay

Nurse Ramona Alicea helping a student by providing the medication the student needs to get better. Alicea helps forty-five to sixty students in one school day. She also provides food for diabetic students if they have low blood sugar at the time.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

Nurse Ramona Alicea helps students five days of the week. Alicea tries to help students calm down, feel better if she can, and get them back into class to learn. But if the student needs to go home then they go home. Alicea helps all sorts of students with all sorts of problems big or small.

Alicea deals with problems from headaches and stomachaches to leg fractures. Though many problems can occur, determining if a student can go back to class instead of going home feeling sick can propose a major challenge.

Eighth grader, Chaz Cleveland, a type one-diabetic, often gets help from Alicea as well.

“She helps me figure out how  many carbs I can eat a day and what I have to eat if my blood pressure gets too low,” said Cleveland

Alicea helps approximately forty-five to sixty kids a day! That can equal about two hundred fifty kids a school week!

Though many students come to her office not feeling good, Alicea stays calm and helps them by making them feel better.

“She is kindhearted and nice,” said seventh grader Matthew Tomita.

Alicea helps many students with all kinds of problems or sickness.

“She is really nice and a good nurse and she knows what she is doing,” said Cleveland.

She has worked as the school nurse at Faith Lutheran for ten years and has met many kids. Some students that have graduated from Faith Lutheran still come and visit Alicea.

“When students graduate and then comeback to visit, it makes me feel like I made a difference,” said Alicea.

When Alicea helps a student and they make it back to class feeling better, “that is the best part of my day,” said Alicea.

Alicea became a school nurse because she wanted to help people feel better instead of feeling sick.

“I love the kids, I love the parents, and I am blessed to be in a great neighborhood,” said Alicea.

A school needs a nurse to function because Alicea helps students go back to their classroom to learn instead of going home sick and not feeling any better. Although, if going home becomes the only solution, Alicea tries to make the student feel better and get them prepared to go home.

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