Fore! Golf Team represents Faith Lutrheran and works towards the championship


Photo Courtesy of Grace Parker

Golf team member Meghan Singh practices her swing. The golf team works everyday to get better and win for their school and show their pride.

Athena Brown

As of April seventh, the golf team, led by Middle School teacher Cy Frederick, has practiced everyday and has participated in 4 tournaments, doing well as a team.

Twelve people made the team, consisting of six boys and six girls. Someone or something must have made them see something special in this sport to make them want to tryout. Their families could have influenced them, or just the feeling they get while playing the game.

“I started golf because of my dad, and it looked really fun on TV,” eighth grader Haley Lilla said.

“I got really into it.” Eighth grader Tyler Smerz has a very different reason for doing golf. “Just the feeling you get when you flush a two iron,” he said. “It’s a beautiful feeling.”

Many people say practice makes perfect. The players on the team all said that they practice every school day. They start practice at 3:30 and go until about 6:30 at Palm Valley Golf Course. With the help of their coach, they do different things to improve.

“Mondays and Tuesdays is just conditioning, warming up, we chip and putt,” said seventh grader Grace Parker. “Wednesdays, since it’s the day before a tournament we play nine holes.” On Thursdays, the team plays in a tournament at places like Canyon Gate Country Club, Painted Desert, etc.

The students on the team play with people who love the same sport as them, and can go through the ups and downs together, as a team. They have some reasons as to why they enjoy school golf.

“I like getting to socialize while you play golf and playing with your friends,” eighth grader Cameron Griffon said. “That’s fun.”

The golf team puts in a lot of time and effort to win and do the best they can at the end of the season. They even have goals they want to achieve.

“My hopes for this season are to do great individually and as a team,” Lilla said.

As coach, Frederick watches the team and helps them improve. He notices when a player is having difficulties, such as focusing.

“I think we can improve on our focus and concentration,” Frederick said. “The mental part of most of the players games is insufficient right now.”

Coaching the team must mean they have some background in the sport and may even like it very much. Frederick feels the game is parallel to life, more than just a game.

“I love golf. I love how the game is so synonymous with life. The lessons and etiquette golf can teach a young person are invaluable,” said Frederick.

The players have their hopes, and so does the coach. The coach plans on leading the team to victory, and not giving up no matter what.

“Our goal is to qualify for the championship tournament as a team and win individual first place and the team first place,” Frederick said.

Other schools around the valley have a golf team of their own, too. They compete with Faith Lutheran. Every team wants to the championships to show pride for their school, but they have to work very hard.

“I think we are just as good as any team out there,” said Frederick. “If everyone plays to their potential, we are very hard to compete with.”

On May seventh, a tournament will be held at Canyon Gate Country Club at around 2:15, and Faith Lutheran students may come to support their Middle School Golf Team.