Students participate in Faith’s advanced Math test


Matthew Huckabay

Faith Lutheran students posed as participants in the math test in this picture. Students like above participated in the advanced math test on February 28, March 3, and on March 4 concluding the test days that were scheduled.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

On February 28, March 3, and March 4, Faith Lutheran sixth and seventh graders participated in an advanced math test to see if they qualified for a higher level of math. The test determines if a student should take Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Math II, or Math I.

The advanced math test helps a student see what level of math they belong in. The results of the test will show the students if they belong in a higher level of math, or if they need to stay at the standard grade level.

Teachers recommend this test to all students, especially if the student has an “A” in math. However, even if the student has an “A” in math, a higher level of math does not appeal to everyone.

The test determines what class the  student should be placed in as far as math next year,” said Math teacher, Mrs. Abbie Hazel.

Students take this test to get into a higher level of math, but skipping a level can have its own downfalls. Skipping a class can affect kids in different ways.

Students take the test because the test gives the kids new expierience, that they may have never recieved.

“Yes, they should take the test if they want to challenge themselves,” said seventh grader, Sesean Orlovich,”but they shouldn’t if they don’t know the material.”

Students participate in the test to get into advanced math.

“Oh yes students really should take the test, if you have a chance to get into Algebra 1, without going through pre-algebra you totally should,” said seventh grader, Joey Candela.

The test challenges students that have a higher understanding of math. This understanding of math comes to every child at different rates.

“Kids mature differently at different times with their math skills,” said Hazel.

A math committee created this test as an optional test to challenge students.

In February and March students participated in the advanced math test to get an advantage or head start in math .

Students can study for the test, although trying to study for the test can pose a challenges because most students don’t know what to study.

“I didn’t know what exactly to study,” said Candela.

Most students don’t enjoy studying and this test definitely challenge students.

Studying for the test can help but if a student needs to study, advanced math may not be for them.

“If you have to prepare and study for it, then it probably isn’t a good idea to skip a year of math,” said Hazel.

Kids who participated in the test received a letter from Faith Lutheran at their home last week. The letter told them if they had a test score high enough for the class the student tested into.

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