On August 1, 2015, Faith Lutheran will host their second year of the freshmen retreat

Trent Teunis, Staff Writer

On August 1, 2015, next year’s freshman will participate in Faith Lutheran’s anual freshmen retreat at Northern Arizona University.

The retreat is a once a year event where the new freshmen of the upcoming year go on a three-day retreat to Northeren Arizona University. The freshmen get to sleep in dorms, eat in the cafeteria with all the other students, and explore the campus.

“The reason why we started to do this event is to help the new freshmen socilize and make new friends before the school year starts,” said Faith Lutheran’s Middle School counselor Courteney Burns.

If a student wants to participate in the retreat, they are going to need their parent’s permison. Also, they will have to fill out a form that is on Faith Lutheran’s website and pay the $250 dollar fee. After that, they will submit the paper and it will be sent to the school office.

This will be Faith Lutheran’s second year participating in it. Their goal this year is to have 250 students come and participate.

“I love to hang out with all the kids and see how they are when their not in school,” said Burns.

Many of the students that participated last year enjoyed the retreat. Many of them made new friends and it helped them socilize with more people.