Sports injuries are making sports harder for students to play the sports they love


Hannah Lundgaard

Faith Lutheran Athletic training helps treat injuries and provides individual plans for the injury. Go see a local athletic trainer for sport injuries.

Hannah Lundgaard , Staff Writer

According to an article in USA TODAY, 1.35 million youths have serious sports injuries.  Sport injuries are very common ,and can lead to major injuries caused by minor injuries.

Mr. Ben Ersland, Middle School Athletic Director, encounters common sports injuries. “This year, it seems like there has been more fractures in the foot than normal for middle school. Minor fractures in extremities such as the hand or foot are pretty common in middle school kids,” said Ersland. “Usually in the fall, there are one or two boys out for football that have a concussion. We hardly ever see major knee injuries in middle school students.”

Eighth grade student, Alexi Johnson, had a major sport injury that damaged her career.

“I had a sport injury were I hyper extended my knee, because I fell over someone, and it twisted the wrong way,” said Johnson.” I was out for six weeks, but I’m a dare devil, so I kept playing volleyball. Then it kept getting worse.”

Seventh grader, Olivia Cox, tells about how her bad her sports injury was and how she handled it.

“I hurt myself when I went up  jump and I came down and landed on a teammates foot and rolled my ankle. I thought it was just a really bad sprain but when I went to get it checked by a doctor, I realized it was broken.” said Cox.

What are some injuries that can be prevented? Mr. Jonathan Orr, educational technology coordinator, AP biology teacher and athletic trainer tells one specific injury that causes sports injuries.

“Sports injuries such as muscle pulls can be linked to tying a new sport and coming into your sport unconditioned and your trying to go maximum effort and often times that is going to cause injuries really early in the season.” said Orr.

How can Faith Lutheran help prevent sports injuries for happening? Johnson shares what she thinks can help prevent sport injuries.

“You have to be aware of people’s surroundings and always know when people are in front of you or behind you,” said Johnson.

Cox has experience with major sports injuries and wants to help prevent them.

“I think you can prevent sports injuries by wearing the right equipment that you should be wearing, listen to your coaches, and being serious about the sport,” said Cox.

Injury prevention is a critical part of having a full, healthy recovery from an injury,

“Good fitness is the number one area that you could prevent sports injuries. I think good nutrition also plays a role. Students probably rely on carbonated beverages to much for their liquid intake, and that has a negative effect on bone density,” said Ersland. “Using proper technique that coaches teach can also help prevent a lot of injuries.” March is National Athletic training month. National Athletics month helps to spread awareness to what athletic trainers do. For more infromation go to

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