Faith Lutheran students remember Good Friday with a special Chapel to honor Jesus Christ


Kendal Owens

Students in Miss Krafft’s Applied class prepare for one of their upcoming Chapels. The students work hard to prepare for the Good Friday Chapel, so that everyone understands what Jesus did for them.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

While Chris- tians will observe Good Friday on April third, Faith Lutheran stu- dents remem- bered Christ’s Crucifixion in their own cha- pel service on March 24th.

Good Friday impacts most Christians, as well as many students at Faith. On this gloomy Friday, Jesus saved everyone from their sins. To Christians, that means they have life.

“It means a lot to me person- ally because it is when Jesus died on the cross for our sins,” seventh grader Daniel Antonino said.

Christians and students alike want to worship Jesus on this day because He did so much for them He deserves to get re- membered.

“My family and I celebrate Good Friday together,” said sev- enth grader Lexi Bucy. “We

all go to church late at night and walk around our church with candles.”

Many people have read about Jesus’ death and have appreciat- ed for plenty of years. Many people know what happened to him be- cause it means so much to them.

“I know He got tortured and took the pain for all of our sins,” said seventh grader Megyn Bowline.

Jesus did not have to die for the people in the world, but he did because He loves them so much. Since He did that, they have very important reasons for remembering this day that God gave His only Son to die for them.

“The main reason we cel- ebrate Good Friday is because it reminds us of the forgiveness of our sins,” said Antonino. Students learn more about what happened on Good Friday and the importance of it through- out their time at Faith Lutheran. As they learn more, the realization of what God did may be- come more clear, and they learn that people could never do that

for themselves or even others. “Good Friday teaches me the importance of God’s death on the cross,” said Bucy. “It also teaches me to think before I intentionally sin and to think of all of the pain and suffering God did to save me and other sinners.”

Seventh Grader Emma Mathes agrees with how the story of Good Friday teaches her.

“It teaches me to be grateful about what Jesus did for me because it was painful,” she said.

Faith Lutheran remembered Good Friday with their own chapel on March 24th, led by Miss Joanne Krafft’s Applied class. Made espe- cially for Good Friday, the chapel changed for this day.

“Good Friday is more somber than any other chapel. We do nothing to be funny at all as we are remembering the sacrifice of Christ on the cross,” said Krafft. “The color of the day is black and the lighting is low. Even the songs are slower and quieter to reflect the sadness.”

The Good Friday chapel reflection shows Jesus died for everyone and the whole school remembers this day together.

“This year we are going to focus on taking our sins to the cross for it was these sins that sent Jesus there. We want to focus on the need we have for a Savior, for in our sins we are lost.” Krafft said.

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