Studying Abroad: Faith Lutheran students explore the diverse cultures and streets of Spain


Danae Mueller

Tourists frequently visit the Sagrada Familia cathedral, located in Barcelona, still undergoes construction since 1882. The various famous/historical sites the students will see give them the opporunity to grow culturally, intelectually, and in their ability to speak Spanish.

Danae Mueller, Editor

Ready for a life-changing adventure, a handful of Faith Lutheran’s students and faculty flew out of Las Vegas on March 25 to enjoy an eleven-day trip to see the various sites of Spain that will give the participants an educational and fun-filled experience.

The trip’s planning all started when the Honors Spanish III and IV and AP Spanish V students asked their teacher, Mrs. Kelly Worl, if they could take a trip to Spain. Worl hasn’t had the chance to travel back to Spain in four years, so this gives her a chance to see how things have changed.  The students eagerly waited for the day they would leave, so they could learn new things while having a good time.

Studying abroad gives students a good opportunity to grow intellectually and socially.

“It is important to do a semester or a year abroad because it gives a different way of thinking and learning,” Worl said.

Worl also commented on the many social benefits that blossom out of these trips.

“The group bonds with people in other grades as they make new friendships and find common ground,” Worl said.

The students traveled with Education First (EF) tours.  The cost of the trip came in at around three thousand dollars for each person. The price included round-trip airfare, coach buses, and fluent, bilingual tour guides.  In actuality, three thousand dollars seems like a good deal, according to Worl, especially with so many people traveling to Spain. Worl, her husband, and four other chaperones took charge of a group of thirty-eight students.

These thirty-eight people will travel through some well-known cities of Spain, including  Barcelona, Valencia, and the capital, Madrid, where they have the privilege of seeing the Holy Week processions. While there, they will visit many famous sites like La Sagrada Familia, the Valencia Cathedral which claims to display the “Holy Grail,” and La Catedral where the buried bodies of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand rest.  They also will have the chance to take tours through the El Prado and Picasso Museums.  Additionally, the students have the pleasure of visiting a beach on the Mediterranean Sea and the aquarium in Valencia.

Many of the students had great enthusiasm for this trip, such as eleventh grader Alexi Karras and ninth grader Gavin Aquín.  Karras couldn’t wait to “see everything” like La Rambla, spend time with friends, and try new foods.

Meanwhile, Aquín looked forward to all Spain had to offer and having the chance for his “Spanish to improve.”

Along with the sites, students engaged in the Spanish culture by eating the traditional food, paella, and by attending a flamenco dance performance in the “Gypsy Caves.”

Although the plane has already departed on this educational trip, other trips, to places like Canada and England, still await next year’s prospective travelers.

These trips can really open the eyes of students to the advantages and benefits that come from the different cultural experiences.

“A part of education is experiencing,” said Worl. “There’s a lot more that you can learn outside of the classroom.”

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