Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School improvements and advances


Kendal Owens

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School campus currently in 2015. They have added 5 more building to the Faith campus including the Shield.

Kendal Owens, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran has pro- gressed a lot since it first opened in 1979 . The school continues to expand in space and grow in technology, stu- dents, teachers, and class- rooms.

Faith Lutheran started as a very small school with around 22 students and about 4 or 5 teachers. They had only a few classrooms and had very little space. Teachers were worried if they could keep the school run- ning the first few years. They

had no new technology, and only one or two sports teams and clubs. Faith started out with only one building, which was the main building. Cur- rently they have 6 buildings and and about 9 portables and look forward to expanding.

“The third year we thought about selling everything and closing the school,” said Miss. Joanne Krafft.

Over the years, Faith has grown and improved. Current- ly 1,461 middle school and high school students attend Faith Lutheran and double the amount of teachers and staff work there now. Faith has also grown in size by adding the Cru- sader Competition Center and increasing their land. Faith has also grown in technology. They have advanced in their technol- ogy by teaming up with Apple and getting students iPads and MacBook laptops.

“I think we have advanced in technology by using iPads and laptops, and I think it’s a great way to help students learn,” said sixth grade teacher David Bever.

Faith keeps searching for new ways to expand and grow. They plan to grow their campus according to the Faith Lutheran website they plan to add 50 acres, adding a few new sci- ence classrooms, a new middle school tennis court and softball field, an administration build- ing, aquatics center, and addi- tional parking. Although change is good, some teachers miss some of the things that they use to have or do.

“I would suggest to go back to a competition between the advisories called the Crusader Competition when we had a competition between adviso- ries and play games and get students involved and interact- ing with other students,” said Bever.

Some teachers love the new changes and advances.

“I love all the new changes we have made to our school.

It’s amazing how much the school has grown since our first years when we had nothing,” said Krafft.

Most of the students love the new changes that Faith has added.

“I like the new gym because it gives us more room, and by adding that gym I feel like we are improving and growing as a school,” said seventh grader Isabella Nigro.

Faith Lutheran has advanced throughout the years and con- tinues to keep improving with the help of teachers, students, and the Faith community. They have many plans for the future and look forward to achieving their goals for Faith soon said Krafft.

“I think Faith Lutheran has grown miraculously, and I think it will still continue to grow and advance,” said Krafft.

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