Ready, set, go! Faith Lutheran’s Middle School track team runs during the spring season


Natalie Price

Faith’s track and field team gets ready for a practice. Practices occur every single day.

Grace Parker, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran Middle School students try to do many sports and activities throughout the school year, including middle school track and field. The sport occurs throughout the spring season and holds several meets through the year, and they focus on coming home with the win.

Each year, Faith students participate in several track meets, and commonly place with high rankings, according to track coach and sixth grade teacher, Mr. Nate Hagge.

“We usually get first or second at all the meets, mainly because we have more kids than anyone else,” said Hagge.

Currently, over 100 students participate in track and field and have benefitted from the experience.

“I have become more physically active throughout the year,” said seventh grader, and team member, Brady Dalbec.

At the meets, the team focuses on hurdles, short and long distance running. Preparation for these events requires a consistent practicing hour.

“We get fit, try to run, and try to win races,” said seventh grader Richard Remely.

Students have joined track for several years in a row because they like running, or they like to be with their friends.

“I like running, and a lot of my friends do it,”said Remely.

Running and jumping is a big part of track and field, but mental strategy and socialization is a large part of it also.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s social, and they get to hang out with their friends,” said Hagge.

With a high team capacity of 110, the students have fun and compete with many of their fellow students.

“It’s a lot of people,”said team member Katelyn Jarchow.“There is a lot more than last year, and it is really fun to have a lot of your friends be there with you,” said team member Katelyn Jarchow.

Soon, the track and field team will travel to Lake Havasu in Arizona for a special meet.

“It’s an overnight stay, and we get there in the morning, then we go to the meet the next day,” said Jarchow.

The team will arrive on April 10 then the meet will take place on April 11, and Faith’s middle school team will compete against many other schools.

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