Students compete against each other in March Madness to win points for their grade


Jared Nigro

On the first day of the competitions, students played a game where they had to shake ping pong balls out of a tissue box that was strapped around their back. The students also performed two more competitions on this day.

Jared Nigro, Editor

This year, student council planned nine competitions spanning three days for March Madness as entertainment for students and to award more points for their grade. The points go to the grades that win the competitions

All of the competitions are held in the New Arena during advisory. Two of the competitions have already taken place, one on Thursday March 12 and another on Thursday March 19. The last of the competitions will be held on Friday March 27. On that day, the results will be tallied, and the most points will go to the winning grade. As of now, the Eighth grade is in the lead with 23 points, Sixth grade in second with 21 points and Seventh in third with 20 points.

Faith Lutheran Student council started planning for the competition two weeks before the first day of March Madness.

In the first set of competitions, random sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students performed three games. The first game involved trivia on movies, sports, and other topics. The second game had the students wrap a tissue box around their waists, all of the boxes had ping pong balls in them and the students had to shake until all of the balls came out. The third game was where the students had to bounce ping pong balls on to a slice of bread that had peanut butter smothered over it.

Faith Lutheran has a lot of assemblies and pep rallies for a reason.

“The point of March Madness is to bring the classes together, and it’s just a fun way for kids to increase their school spirit,” said Kristen Thornton, Middle School Student Council Advisor.

A lot of the students at Faith enjoy March Madness, and they will see some changes from last year’s competitions.

The difference is that the competitions will be held in the New Arena, and they will have different games played.

March Madness has changed this year  a little according to Isabella Nigro, seventh grade Student Council Vice-President.

“There won’t be that much of a change from last year’s, but we will call the names differently and also the games will be different,” said Nigro.

Eighth grader Koby Myxter shows his school spirit, he also shows a confident attitude that the eighth grade will win.

“I am excited for March Madness because it is really interesting to watch, and the eighth grade is going to win,” Myxter said.

Seventh grader Daniel Cooke shows great school spirit for the March Madness competitions when he watches them.

“I am excited to compete with everyone, and hopefully I get called up,” said Cooke.

Thornton loves how the students have a great time and when they show their great spirit to everyone.

“This year I just hope that the kids come with their school spirit, and they are excited to participate,” said Thornton,” That is what makes March Madness fun.”

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