Model United Nations club opens to middle school students to debate and recognize global problems


Photo courtesy by: Joseph Callan

High school Model United Nations club revises their speeches and reviews their topics before taking part in a Las Vegas MUN conference. Ryan Watts encourages middle school students to participate to exceede with social issues and the quest to find a solution.

Megan Correia, Staff Writer

For the first time, the Model United Nations club is opened to any middle school students interested in learning or debating about global issues and conflicts.
“MUN club debates international issues such as youth unemployment, ISIS and any type of international issues that are going on in the world,” said Ryan Watts, high school A.P. history teacher and MUN club director.
Not only does MUN find and pick global problems to share throughout the club, many of the students take their issues and debate topics at state conferences across America. Taking a topic to a conference takes preparation and practice to excel with the speech and present information. Learning about global issues and how to prevent them could strengthen students’ knowledge for future issues as well as future solutions.
“Usually we’ll start off doing simulations of how we debate in the conferences, and then what normally happens is we’ll get our country assignments,” Watts said.
“Once we’ve been assigned our countries, you’ll do research on the actual country itself.» Watts said.
“Then, from there you would look at your debate topic and start writing a position paper in regards of what it’s about and your country›s position on the issue itself. Once you do that, you’ll write a speech,” Watts said.
On April 25, middle school students who wish to participate in the MUN club are invited to participate in a debate conference to see and feel what happens at a state conference.
Watts said he established a MUN club for middle school students to empower and improve their public speaking skills and debating skills.
Middle school students who have shown interest in participating in the club also attended an introductory meeting on Thursday March 26 to go over what the club truly means and what it does, students need to know what the club focuses on.

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