Selected students from Faith Lutheran join the Middle School All-State Choir


Photo courtesy of Sandra Youmans

Emma Mathes, Emma Wilhite, Ryan Murphy, Grace Parker, Garrett Beery, Toni Carlo, and Mason Crowley practicing to perform in the All-State Choir. These students will perform at UNLV with the All-State Choir in April.

Kylie Capuano, Staff Writer

In February, seven students from Faith Lutheran were selected to join the Middle School All-State Choir along with other students in Nevada.

The All-State Choir consists of about 250 students from schools located in Nevada to perform as a choir together. The All-State Choir began in February when the students were selected, and it ends at the end of April.

The All-State Choir is different from the regular choir because it gives students the opportunity to perform in a choir that consists of students from the entire state of Nevada.

Students were nominated and selected by their school music programs in order to join the choir. The students selected from Faith Lutheran include Toni Carlo, Emma Mathes, Emma Wilhite, Grace Parker, Ryan Murphy, Mason Crowley, and Garrett Beery. These students got selected because the music program at Faith Lutheran thought that they would make a good addition to the All-State Choir. After they became selected, the students had to fill out an application for the All-State Choir in order to join. Faith Lutheran has participated in the Nevada All-State Choir since it started six years ago.

Choir teacher Mrs. Sandra Youmans hopes that the All-State Choir will benefit the students participating.

“The goals for my students is that this will be something that will encourage them and inspire them to continue in choir music up into high school and even in college,” said Youmans. “I think that they are going to really enjoy this opportunity to be able to sing with other dedicated and talented students from all over the state of Nevada.”

Many students in the All-State Choir hope to improve their singing abilities.

“I want to get better at being able to sing louder because sometimes I can’t hear myself when we are singing songs in choir,” said seventh grader Ryan Murphy.

Seventh grader Grace Parker, who also writes for the MS Crusader, is excited to be in the Nevada All-State Choir.

“I hope to make new friends, and I hope that I’ll get to learn something about my voice and singing,” said Parker.

The All-State Choir will perform at UNLV on April 16, 17, and 18 for the Nevada Music Educators Association conference. The conference doesn’t always take place in Las Vegas, it alternates taking place in Northern and Southern Nevada. Last year, the event took place at UNR, located in Reno.

Students look forward to performing with the Nevada All-State Choir.

“I’m excited to be with all of the really talented middle school students in the state of Nevada,” said Parker. “And, I’m really excited for the experience of performing with a professional choir of kids my age.”

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