Chapel’s praise band will sing and play to the Lord


Praise band singing during chapel as everyone walks in from the chapel service. Praise band sings three songs each service and gets everyone to join

Alyssa Staggs , Staff Writer

Praise band sings and plays to the Lord in all chapels. This band has changed a lot over the years and also has improved in ways people never knew about.

Praise band has had many changes over the years. One thing that changed is that the new schedule for High School has made it hard for the band members to practice.

“High School now has to do praise band as a class, so they do not practice with us anymore because we use to practice together,” said seventh grade piano player Rylie Christiansan.

The CPAC, Chapel/Performing Arts Center, has also impacted the praise band.

“Before the CPAC was built, the chapel use to be in the gym,” said the director of praise band, Mr. Paul Pullmann. “We would have to set up quick and then take it down quick, so the CPAC changed everything. The sound system was there, and the equipment did not have to move.”

Since the CPAC was built, it made the “band sound a lot better” and made it “easier to practice in,” according to Pullmann.

Praise band members put in a lot of time and dedication to be a part of the band. They have to wake up early for practice and have to have a belief in God, and it is even better if they go to church.
People join the band for various reasons.

“I joined praise band to use the musical talents that I have to worship Him,” said seventh grade singer Emma Mathes.

Other people joined the band because siblings have done it before.

“I originally joined because my sister was in it, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps,” said Christiansen.

Other people are also planning on doing praise band again.

“I am planning on going into praise band next year because it is fun, and I can show my talents that God gave me,” said Mathes.

Mrs. Sandra Youmans, the choir teacher, use to direct praise band until she needed help and asked Pullmann. Later on, Pullmann took over and directs praise band and members. Since Pullmann started directing, he has loved working on songs and with members.

“It is fun though to work with Praise band and glorify God through the gift of music,” said Pullmann.

To become a band member, people have to audition. People could try for vocal, piano, guitar, and more. Applicants also have to fill out a form to see if they qualify for the position they tried out for. If a person passes the audition and the form, they start practicing to become and familiarize themselves with the music they will play next year.

Auditions for next year will occur in May for Middle School and also eighth graders who want to become a part of high school praise band. The audition times and date will come out in the announcements soon.

Praise band does not have a lot of time to practice, so they practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The praise band has to wake up early because they start practice at 7 am before school.

Pullmann chooses the music himself, Pullmann said mostly based on “repetition so they do not have to learn three new songs.”

Also, some songs have been around for a long time so everyone knows them.

“‘Waves of Mercy’ has been a tradition here because it has been around forever and everyone knows it,” said Pullmann.

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