Mr. and Mrs. Wiltse expecting first child


Andie Ironside

Mrs. Wiltse teaches her seventh grade students about the Old Testament. Next school year, Mrs. Wiltse will teach part time, so she can take care of the baby.

Andie Ironside, Staff Writer

In late October, middle school theology teacher Mrs. Katie Wiltse and her husband, Mr. Matt Wiltse, found out that Baby Wiltse is on the way and coming in June!

Mr. and Mrs. Wiltse got married on June 23, 2012. After a few years of being married, they wanted a baby and put that desire into God’s hands.

The definite due date of the baby is unknown, because the date has changed about two times. However, the Wiltses know the baby will come some time in June.

Ever since finding out she was pregnant, Mrs. Wiltse has been very excited for what’s to come in the future.

“Having my own kids to love on. I have loved many kids over the past nine years of teaching, but I am excited for my own kid to love on,” said Mrs. Wiltse. “My husband and I are excited about how God will bless us and bless that child and that relationship that the three of us will have.”

Mr. Wiltse feels the same way.

“I am more excited than a camel on Wednesday. I have always looked forward to the blessing and responsibility of being a father,” said Mr. Wiltse via email. “Looking forward, our child will grow up and become the person God has planned for him or her to be.”

For Mrs. Wiltse, there are even some joys of being pregnant.

“I think one of the coolest things of being pregnant is feeling this weird sensation of something moving inside of you and living inside of you that you know is your baby before you’ve ever seen it,” said Mrs. Wiltse. “The other thing that was cool was seeing our baby for the first time on an ultrasound, and seeing how active it was already at ten weeks, and seeing how much it already looked like a baby.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wiltse chose not to find out the gender of the baby, because they “want it to be a fun surprise,” according to Mrs. Wiltse.

“We honestly don’t care what gender, because either way it’s a baby,” said Mrs. Wiltse.

The baby will affect Mrs. Wiltse’s work. She plans to work part time next school year. However, Mr. Wiltse will be working full time, so Mrs. Wiltse can take care of the baby.

Mrs. Wiltse’s students are excited for her for various reasons.

“She actually talked about it last year. She was saying how she loves kids and all she wanted was a chubby baby, and now that she is actually having one. I’m just so happy for her,” said eighth grader Taylor Duplex.

Some students think similar thoughts like Duplex.

“Her and her husband have wanted one for a while, so now they finally got one,” said eighth grader Allison Neumann.

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