The Two Minute Challenge pushes students to improve their running skill in P.E.


Kendal Owens

Seven and eighth graders in Mrs. Schwartz class run the Two Minute Challenge for the second time this year. They push themselves to improve and get a good grade, if they do not get a good time it could affect their grade.

Kendal Owens, Staff Writer

The two minute challenge tests students’ running ability by seeing if they can run a given track event in less than two minutes. This activity involves a series of different track events to challenge students’ running skills.

The two minute challenge involves track events like the 400 meter run or the 100 meter run. This challenge allows teachers to see if their students progress during the challenge, and if they have not done so well, it lets the instructor know if they need to increase their emphasis on the certain area that the student needs to progress in. Teachers also do this challenge so motivated students get the chance to become physically active.

“Doing the two minute challenge helps me and motivates me to do better in P.E., and it helps me improve my running skills,” said motivated eighth grader Britney Barnhart

This challenge benefits students by helping them improve their running ability. The challenge contains lots of cardio and the challenge does not take that long, so students can really push themselves.

“I think the two minute challenge is a great opportunity for students to really push themselves and to get motivated to challenge themselves,” said P.E. teacher Mrs. Lisa Schwartz

Although teachers think the challenge benefits students, some of the students have different opinions.

“I don’t think this challenge benefits me at all because it just makes me tired and I feel like there is no point to it,” said seventh grader Justin Kolburg

Students run the two minute challenge more than once a year. Students run it the first time to get a good grade. On the second time, they have to beat their previous scores. If students do not beat their first time, points get taken off their grade. Teachers compare scores to see if their students have made satisfactory progress.

“I compare scores to see if students are progressing or if they need to improve a little more,” said Schwartz. “If they do need to improve, I can give them advice to help them.”

Schwartz loves to see improvement in her students while they’re doing the challenge, but she jokes that she might not be able to do it herself.

“I don’t know if I could do the two minute challenge, maybe if the time was extended, and I tried really hard,” said Schwartz.

Even though the teachers might not be able to do it, they still think it’s a great idea for students do.

“Though I can not do it, I think it’s a great opportunity to get active and challenge themselves and their running capabilities,” said Schwartz.

Some students disagree with the challenge and feel like they should not do it.

“I don’t think we should do the two minute challenge because it’s hard and a lot of students don’t enjoy running,” said eighth grader Ali Weiss.

Even though some students feel this way others feel differently.

“The two minute challenge is hard and tiring, but I think it helps us with our running skills and is a great cardio workout,” said seventh grader Bella Nigro.

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