Middle school and High school softball players prepare together for softball season through Winter Workouts


Photo by Megan Correia

Madison Correia practices her batting abilities with her batting coach in Faith Lutheran’s batting cages. Holding Faiths’ school team softball tryouts on Feburary 21 was the start of Faith’s school softball season for many high school players.

Megan Correia, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of January, middle school and high school softball players started
to prepare for their upcoming softball season through the winter workouts here at Faith.
Participating in these workouts will not only increase the player’s knowledge of the game, but
focus on individual skills such as batting, fielding, and the basics of softball.
“I love doing the workouts because it’s a great way to prepare for the season as well
as to practice with the high schoolers,” eighth grader Sara Clark said.
Winter sports are coming to an end now, freeing some players schedules until the
season kicks off again.
“I’m currently not doing the softball workouts because of my schedule, but once my
schedule clears up, I’d really like to start,” said seventh grader Kristen Danchik
Faith’s softball season may only take place as a Spring sport, but some players have
taken their off season to practice and prepare for the season to come. Whether the players
participate in different sports, or practice with a coach, preparing for the season can come in
many forms.
“Yes, I have been preparing. I’ve been doing workouts with my dad as well as
practicing on my own,” Danchik said.
Not only practicing for the upcoming season will increase players skill level, but it could
also show the passion for the sport.
“Yes, I’ve been practicing on my own and with my coaches,” Clark explained.
As Faith’s high school softball season tryouts concluded on February 21 and March 14
for middle school, many players seemed excited about getting to share their talents on the
field, by playing for the school and spreading school spirit.
Playing for the school could be a learning experience for some, but for others playing
for the school team could be a chance for leadership and responsibility.
“I’m going to play for the school season because it’s great to play with the younger
girls and show them the ropes and what they need to know.” Clark said.
These middle school and high school softball workouts work the players’ abilities to
build up players’ knowledge for the game and physical abilities required for the game.
“This year›s winter workouts are completely run by Ms. Buss. She has structured a
program where Coach Tracy primarily runs hitting on Tuesdays, Senior Captain, Vanessa
Valdez, runs Wednesday practices, and Coach Buss runs a conditioning focused intense
workout each Thursday,” said John Chilman, College Counselor and Head Varsity Softball Coach via email.
“We are striving to be more in line with Mr. Marty›s workouts in the Strength and Conditioning class. The biggest thing I would like the girls to work on in the offseason is speed and strength. Secondly, I would like them to focus on areas of weakness in their game and attempt to turn them into strengths.”
The softball workouts ended on February 19, yet players who aspire to play softball this spring had the chance to tryout on Saturday, February 21. Even though workouts have concluded and the spring team has started their season, preparing for the next season would help build knowledge for the game.
“This has been the hardest working group of girls I have ever coached,” Chilman concluded.