Measles Virus infects many in the United States; few cases in Las Vegas, Nevada


Jared Nigro

School Nurse Ramona Alicea checks a student’s temperature for sickness. But if a student did contract the Measles, they would have to be quarentined.

Jared Nigro, Editor

Since mid-December, more than 154 people have infected themselves with Measles, a highly contagious disease that gives victims a large rash all over their body and a fever. Most of the cases have been traced back to Disneyland theme park in Orange County, California.

A more descriptive definition of Measles is that it is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by a virus. It causes a total-body skin rash and flu-like symptoms, including a fever, cough, and a runny nose, according to

Since the virus lives in the nose and throat of the infected, it spreads when a person talks, sneezes, or coughs.

Today, babies are too young to recieve the vaccination from measles. This is very dangerous because the babies could contract the virus, and their parents can’t do anything about it.

Measles is a big deal in the United States, but could the outbreak occur here at Faith?

“I am not overly concerned about that happening, but it is worth keeping a watch on,” said Faith Lutheran school nurse, Ramona Alicea.

As of now, six confirmed cases have contracted Measles in Nevada, some of them traced back to Disneyland and others had no connection to the theme park.

The Measles vaccination importance can affect people greatly.

“I think the students should get the vaccination because it is a good vaccination to have, but mainly the parents have the decision to vaccinate their child,” said Alicea,” and if an outbreak occurs, they are responsible if their child is vaccinated or not.”

Should Faith Lutheran be concerned about this possible outbreak?

“Faith could be concerned about Measles just because it is a highly contagious disease,” said Alicea.

If a student or teacher contracted the virus, they would have to miss school, and have to stay in their house, quarantined.

Many students at Faith are concerned about getting infected with measles but others, worry-less.

“I am not scared because I have the vaccination, even though it is still very dangerous,” said seventh grader Justin Kolberg.

Eighth grader Parker Sylvester explained his thoughts on why he acts concerned about contracting measles.

“Of course I’m scared. I’m scared that most of the people aren’t getting vaccinations, which can make it spread,” said Sylvester.

The Measles vaccination includes a small cost of about $20 per person and $6 for any additional shot.

Students can get the vaccination at the following places in Nevada: Southern Nevada Health District Main Facility, East Las Vegas Public Health Center, Henderson Public Health Center, Mesquite Public Health Center, and other health centers in Nevada.

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