Hit game “aa” entertains many students


Athena Brown

Seventh grader Grace Parker playing “aa”. Many students play this game to reach new levels and have a challenge.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

The popular game “aa” makes kids from all over school and beyond focus and use their mind while trying to pass levels and compete with their friends, sort of like the games “Subway Surfer”, “Temple Run”, “Zig Zag”, and the infamous “Flappy Bird”. Over One million people have downloaded this app, according to the Google Play Store.
The game developers at General Adaptive Apps PTY LTD created this game. They also created the games “rr”, “ff”, “th”, “uu”, “sp”, “ao”, “rl”, and “au”. All these games in some way relate to “aa”. It came out sometime in October of 2014 but the game became enormously popular by the end of 2014. In this game, players must get the small circles into a big spinning circle that changes direction, slows down, and speeds up, without hitting the original pins on the circle. This game costs nothing, but does offer in-app purchases, so players can buy more levels.
Students play to advance, getting on a new level each time.
Seventh grader Katelyn Phillips said that she reached level 26, while seventh grader Isabella Crea said she reached level 30.
With the option to buy their way to the top, players may get tempted to cheat to unlock more levels. Getting more levels enables them to challenge themselves on any level without having to stay stuck on one.
“I have all the levels, so I’m playing level 700,” said seventh grader Hanna Karl.
Players must focus hard enough to pass each level. The higher the level, the harder it may get. Students can try to strategize or simply never give up.
“I pass the levels by taking my time,” Karl said.
Students must find time to play “aa”, especially with all of the homework that the teachers supply them with. Some students, like Parker, enjoy the game so much they can not stop.
“I play 24/7” Parker said.
Seventh grader Justin Kolberg does not play as much as Parker does.
Kolberg said that he plays “once a week.”
The most popular games get bought frequently. People who purchase these apps most likely want a challenge. This game challenges players in different ways.
“It is most challenging when it goes really fast and when it switches directions,” Karl said.
Parker faces a different struggle.
“The most challenging thing about it is moving my thumbs,” she said, “ because I’m so lazy.”
If a game like “aa” had already came out, “aa” would not have as much sales. Many “puzzle” games can compare to it though.
“This game is different because you actually have to use your brain,” Karl said.
Most games come and go quickly, like “Flappy Bird”. Some players believe that “aa” might stay popular for a little while longer.
“This will stay popular for a long time because people continue to get it, and they constantly try to pass each level,” said Karl.
Because of the way the circle speeds up and slows down, the player must take time and focus to pass each level. As each level gets harder, it takes longer to pass it.
“It depends how easy it is, but usually a day,” said Phillips.
Crea had the same thought.
“It depends if it’s easy for not,” she said.
Although many students seem to take interest in “aa”, some may like other games better.
“I’d rather play Minecraft,” said seventh grader Brady Dalbec.
Some teachers have caught their students playing “aa” during class time.
“I think kids just like to play the game a lot and so sometimes they try to get away with it in class,” teacher Mr. Zachary Gunzelman, who also advises MS journalism said, “I caught a student playing it in class so I had to take his ipad away from him and just give him a lunch detention. It’s a fun game, I play it myself, I’m on level 68 so I’m pretty good at it.”