Community service all year round!

National Junior Honor Society students work on service projects to make a difference in the community

Eight grader Kelsie Seigle, works on baking cookies for her service project. The project occured at an assisted living home over Valentine’s day.

Eight grader Kelsie Seigle, works on baking cookies for her service project. The project occured at an assisted living home over Valentine’s day.

Grace Parker, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran Middle School offers a variety of different clubs and extracurricular activities for students, including National Junior Honor Society. NJHS focuses on student leadership, character, citizenship, service, community volunteering, helping people, and making a difference to the community.

The entire program runs throughout America and in order to be chosen, the student must have a high enough grade point average. At Faith Lutheran, the prerequisite for the program is to have and maintain a 3.8 GPA or higher for the past three three semesters.

“The other stipulation is that students have to attend Faith Lutheran all of sixth grade and one semester in seventh grade,” said NJHS advisor and middle school Spanish instructor, Kathy Grant.

Currently, the National Junior Honor Society students are working on service projects that will help many people of all ages in the community.

“Right now, our main focus is the Easter basket drive that all of National Junior Honor Society does,” said President Bailey Friel.

National Junior Honor Society also works on individual group projects in which students participate with a partner to do volunteering.

“Me and Niki Lee were planning on going to an old people home and help build things,” said eighth grader and member Jay Cornish.

Retirement homes bring a lot of attention to NJHS, and is common for many of the groups.

“Nicole Oliver and I are baking a bunch of cookies and taking them to an [assisted living] home for Valentine’s Day,” said National Junior Honor Society member and eighth grader Kelsie Seigle.

Some students try to show their Christian faith by doing some projects on Christian holidays.

“I chose Easter because it is the resurrection of Christ and it is the most important holiday, and I think that people in the nursing home should learn the Word,” said Parliamentarian Marci Aldolfo.

In order to be involved, students must fill out an application received from Grant. When a student gets accepted into the program, it will impact both the student and the community.

“I know it sounds cliche, but it actually does feel good to serve other people, and I think I am a well-rounded student because of it,” said Aldolfo.

Grant shared her opinions as well.

“I think they have grown a lot, they are responsible for serving the community and others, not just once or twice, but consistently year round,” said Grant.

In the past, National Junior Honor Society worked on service projects that also helped the community.

“My project involved me and my friends going to retirement homes and interacting with the residents,” said previous member and current freshman, Madison Corriea through email,”It was a very rewarding experience!”