Not allowing phones during lunch forces students talk- to each other


Photo by Kylie Capuano

Students put down their phones during lunch and talk to each other. Many administrators say that students have been following the new rule well.

Kylie Capuano, Staff Writer

“We noticed that students were so engaged with their phones that they weren’t socializing during lunch,” said Middle School Assistant Principal, Mr. Jacob Kothe, in regards to the new rule prohibiting middle schoolers from using their phones during lunch.

Last August, administrators decided to not allow middle school students to use their phones during lunch in order to have them socialize more.

“Students had their faces behind their phones, and it’s important to have face to face communication, so we made lunch a reserved time to not use phones,” said Middle School Principal, Mrs. Sarah Harper.

Many teachers agree with the new rule to not allow students to use phones during lunch.

“I think that it is a good rule, because I think it helps kids focus on the people in front of them,” said middle school teacher, Mrs. Katie Wiltse.

So far, students have been doing a good job of not using their phones during lunch, but sometimes students have been caught using their phone.

“Usually we’ll just tell them to put their phone away but if they continue to use their phone without permission, then it is a problem,” said Kothe.

Some students are glad that the rule against using phones during lunch was started.

“It’s a good idea to not let us use our phones because it has all of us socialize more,”said seventh grader Toni Carlo.

Other students think that the rule is reasonable but wish that they could use their phones.

“I think that it is ok because they want us to socialize,” said seventh grader Talina Hajar, “But, I also think that we should be able to use our phone because we are at school all day, and if we need to text someone during lunch then we should be able to.”

If a student needs to use their phone for an important reason then they can ask for permission from a teacher then they will be able to use their phone in a designated area.

Seventh grader Alex Glanzer also wants to use his phone during lunch.

“I want to be able to go on Instagram, and then show my friends stuff,” said Glanzer, Although, it has students “talk to their friends more and socialize without going on social media.”

The new rule has improved on students putting down their phones and talking to each other.

“I think that students are doing a good job of not using their phones too much during lunch because we haven’t had that many problems,” said Kothe. “But, students probably do use their phones a lot outside of school.”

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