Faith’s thrift store moves to new location

The new Faith Lutheran Thrift store is bigger with an appealing store front. Visit the thrift store at 221 S. Rainbow.

Photo courtesy of Rhea Delgado

The new Faith Lutheran Thrift store is bigger with an appealing store front. Visit the thrift store at 221 S. Rainbow.

Hannah Lundgaard , Staff writer

Over Christmas break, the Faith Lutheran thrift store moved to a new location, 221 S. Rainbow Blvd, to help make more room for  donations that the store is receiving.

The Faith Lutheran Thrift Store is owned and operated by Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School. This store sells everything from furniture to sports equipment.  This thrift store has been part of Faith Lutheran for over 30 years.

Why have a thrift store? Rhea Delgado, Faith Lutheran thrift store manager, tells how the thrift store was started and what the purpose of having a thrift store is,

“The reason that the thrift store exists is to generate the money to comes back to Faith Lutheran. So we buy things for whatever the school needs. We bought the administration system, suburbans, and some software for the Mark 10:14 program,” said Delgado.

The Faith Lutheran thrift store also takes a big part in school funds. The thrift store provides funds for Faith Lutheran that are not part of the financial budget such as vans, busses, band instruments and science equipment.

Dr. Steve Buuck, CEO of Faith Lutheran, says how the thrift store helps Faith financially.

“What the thrift store does is generate funds that allow Faith to buy things that are outside the financial budget ,” said Buuck.

The thrift store currently moved location because,“We ran out of room and what happened is the store ,on Meadows lane ,was very small for ,because [the store] was getting so many wonderful donations. The thrift store was very blessed to get donations.”

Delgado shares how the wonderful donations help the thrift achieve more,

“Donations come from the on campus school box, customers  can come in and donate, and our association churches which are thirteen churches that support the school.”

Delgado shares more information on why the thrift store moved,

“We just ran out of room and the  thrift store needed nice wide aisles for customers to shop and display merchandise nicely,” said Delgado,Because of all our wonderful donations, we have very nice items and we clean all our items and make them presentable. We just make it a really nice place to shop.” The thrift store volunteers take on a big role of responsibility in why the thrift store runs smoothly. “The volunteers run the cash registers, sort and price clothing, serve customers, clean, test electronics, supervise other volunteers, display merchandise on the floor and keep the merchandise in the right place,” said Delgado.

The new and improved thrift store,located at 221 S Rainbow Blvd, doubles the size and upgrades the appearance of the thrift store. If customers want to donate, bring the donations to the thrift store or drop them on the on-campus school box located in the traffic circle between the football and baseball fields.

If large items are wished to be donated make an appointment.  Large items such as, furniture, appliances,workout equipment…, The thrift store contact imformation is (702) 242-0224. For more information go to Thrift store hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Please click here for a pdf version of this layout thrift store layout