Gum making its way under tables and chairs


Seventh grader Madeline Yandric blowing gum into a bubble in the halls. According to the handbook at Faith, gum shall not be chewed in the halls for cleaning reasons and for a neat campus.

Alyssa Staggs, Staff Writer

Even though Faith Lutheran has a rule against chewing gum, students still disregard it. Students chewing gum has gotten so bad that the teachers have to enforce the rule more.

Gum chewing has turned into a huge issue for students who have chewed gum and even children who have not chewed gum in school. When kids spit out their gum, they do not put it in the trash can.

“Gum has been found on the track, and when people try to pick it off, the turf picks up with it,” said Middle School Vice Principal, Jacob Kothe.

Gum has been found on the sidewalks, carpets, and even walls. People could make it easier for everyone put their gum in the trash can.

“If people just put their gum in the trash can, then it would not be a problem for the school,” said Kothe.

Chewing gum on campus has always been against the rules, and some kids want to keep it that way.

“I think they should keep the rule because it is disgusting feeling a glob of gum under a table or any other place,” said seventh grader Maitlyn Holloway.

Most kids are aware of the rule but still try to chew gum.

“I have chewed gum in class, but never been caught,” said seventh grader Ireland Otto.

Teachers can get irritated by kids chewing gum. Some teachers just kindly ask for kids to spit it out. If the same child gets asked a lot of times to spit out their gum, it could lead to a detention.

“I like gum, but kids should not be chewing on school campus,” said Middle School teacher Kathy Grant.

This issue has also created a problem for the Chapel/Performing Arts Center (CPAC). During Chapel, kids chew gum during the service and put it under the arm rest.

“When we find gum, it is often under a seats and the rests,” said Middle Schoolteacher Katie Wiltse.

Most students really do not like the feeling of gum under the table or seats.

“I hate the feeling of gum under the tables and chairs and it feels disgusting,” said Holloway.

While gum may become a stress reliever for some students, it also helps them when they become hungry.

“I use gum to take my mind off of things,” said Otto.

With gum, it can become positive and negative in a scientific way as well. Some positives about gum are that it improves memory, helps oral hygiene, reduces stress, and also can manage weight, according to

Some negative effects created by gum include jaw issues, stomach issues, social distraction, and kidney problems. There is more information at Lots more gum facts on the website that can be important.

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