Traffic flow or slow? Ways parents and students can help Faith staff with traffic


Brandon Roberts

Photo of cars going through Faith Lutheran back parking lot following the path of the directed cones. This shows how crowded the parking lot can get.

Brandon Roberts, Editor

Changes made for the 2014-2015 Faith Lutheran school year to help traffic flow easier, but can go faster with the cooperation of parents and students.

With the change of schedule, the high school and middle school leave at different times. High School leaves campus around 2:40 while Middle School leaves campus around 3:10.

“Certainly being on two separate schedules has helped some.” MS Assistant Principal Jake Kothe said. “We are continuing to evaluate how to make that as least congested as possible, but it’s tough with so many students.”

According to Kothe, over 1,500 students occupy Faith Lutheran, but Faith has students who drive, who have siblings, and carpool. With all these students it can lead to congestion in the parking lot.

“The parking lot is really full all the time. My mom has to wait, and it delays me from going to sports that I do after school,” said Sixth Grader Katie Speichert.

Some problems do not include the traffic system. Kothe said parents could also help make it more efficient.

“We want parents to be patient. When all the kids are out there, we want everyone to be patient and safe so no one gets hurt,” Kothe said. “ The second thing would be to pick up your student later, like 3:30 when there is no congestion.”

Some parent wait for their child  a while before school gets out. Then by 3:30 P.M., most cars clear out of the parking lot.

If students have an activity right after school, parents might consider picking their child up at another location.

Kothe said students can also “be picked up on the backstreet of Sandstone Bluffs,” but students can leave anywhere around campus as long as they stay safe.

If students decide to go across the street to Village Green Park, they should not cross without a crossing guard. If students jaywalk (crossing the street without a crossing guard or crosswalk) it could lead to serious bodily harm if struck by a vehicle.

Kothe talked about a student who decided to jaywalk and suffered the consequences.

“We had one student who has actually been hit before. Luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt, but he was still hit,” said Kothe.

With all this, students and parents can help out supporting staff who let others cross the street and guide traffic by staying patient. Other ways parents can help include talking and planning with their student on where and when they will leave, going to a different location other than the back parking lot, and picking up their student a little later than school gets out.

Students and parents can help staff and keep traffic flowing easier by following these tips. Students should also remember to stay safe and wait patiently.

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